Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Meme

I talked Jules into tagging me because I am weird that way. It looked like fun.

1. What does your name mean?

Does this mean Blog Name? (Just in case - Robin means Bright Shining Fame- what a great name) Okay the Geek part is obvious to anyone who has ever met me, but the AbFab part requires a story. (Go refill your coffee, I will wait.) I have two girlfriends (I have more than two friends, it’s just that this story is about two of them) that I meet for dinner with several times a year. Because we are three women dining together we sometimes get snobby waiters that are incredibly rude and sometime we get charming waiters who know that a good tip is just a few compliments away. (Oh and you have to laugh at our jokes too.) One of our favorite waiters of all time bestowed upon us the title AbFab. This of course is short for Absolutely Fabulous and is the title of a British show where well just go to youtube and watch a clip.

2. Where was your profile picture taken?

On a trail ride, then I cropped it and tried to distort it as much as possible. I didn’t want a profile picture, but then another Robin started posting comments to the same blogs as I was and her typing looked suspiciously like mine (gasp I know!). Well I couldn’t let people think that I wasn’t me! Although Middle Geek takes lots of picture, I am not his favorite subject unless he can sneak up on me and get a candid shot and let’s just say I will not be posting any of those pics here. So I looked for a picture but I didn’t have many to choose from (this was an emergency!). It was between the one I chose and this one. (I don’t really like either)

3. What is your current relationship status?
Married to my college sweetheart (almost 25 years, yikes).

4. Honestly, does your crush like you back?
My crush, meaning Mr. Geek? He had better like me back! I mean of course he likes me back, we are still gooey eyed in love, right sugar?

5.What's your current mood?
I am happy.

6. What do you like the most?
I like reading anything, blogs, good books, open letters on the top of your desk.
I like to sing, in choir, with the praise band, in the car to the radio, in the shower.
I like talking with my family and friends and laughing so hard that tears squeak out of your eyes and you crumple into a heap on the floor.

7. What makes you happy?
see above

8. If you could go back and change something, would you?
I would go back in time to when I wore a size 7, look in the mirror and say “Babe, you have a rockin’ body!” I would also tell that junior highschool girl, “Sing out, you know you want to.!” And “Don’t worry the world will catch up to your sense of humor.” You have haven’t you?

9. If you MUST be an animal for one day, what would you be?
Easy, a cat. I would like to stalk the rabbits in the backyard, climb a tree, then curl up in a spot of sun and sleep all afternoon.

10. Something you do a lot?
Say, “Get off the computer and find something to do.” Sometimes I say it to the kids too.

11. What's the name of the song stuck in your head right now?
The HARRIGAN song (yes indeed there is a story with this). See I just came across this video the other day of my friend and Tiny Tim IN HER HOUSE! And if that is not bad enough, when I think of it I remember a song we sang at my sorority – K – A Double –P – A D – E – L - -T spells Kappa Delt, proud of all the KD blood that’s in me. And it goes on and on, and in my head I sing the ENTIRE thing. HELP.

12. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
I have been waiting for you to ask that question. Yes I once sang in front of a crowd of 1800, oh yes I did. The crowd was not there to see me, but there they were and I was there. Best day of my singing career (What singing career? Exactly.)

13. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
Cher and Jimmy Stewart

14. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
The look in their eyes, it must be warm and open and used to laughing.

15. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Tall nonfat Vanilla Latte extra hot (I will be waiting)

16. What is your favorite smell?
Right before a big thunderstorm


Anonymous said...

I think your HOT too.

Heaps of Love,

Mr. Geek

Kalynne Pudner said...

I think Mr. Geek is so sweet that I will not make any comment including the word "apostrophe."

I'm taking this tag, btw.

Bina said...

Hey, my name means the same thing, cause it's a variant of Robin anyway. You know my name is Robina, right?

Robin said...

Oh Mr Geek I love you too--See gooey eyed.

Kalynne - It's a fun meme, I will be over to read you're answers. hehehe

Bina - I remember your name because we are lucky to have the best name ever.

Kathryn said...

How'd Tiny Tim get to your friend's house or is that a long story?!

Robin said...

Oh my the story of Tiny Tim, hmmm. I honestly thought she was putting me on (like she had a short friend name Tim) but that is her in the beginning of the video.

Her husband does video recording and editing and was at an event where Tiny Tim was, when Tiny (can I call him that?) said he was looking for a recording studio. "Why I have a recording studio in my basement." said Slipperguy (my friend's husband)

And the rest as they say is on youtube.

Maggie May said...

That was fun!

Elizabeth said...

your funny...i'm going to HAVE to come back.

Jules said...

Hey Robin, that was too funny. I really loved it. Nice job.

domesticgoddess said...

Wanted to stop by and say hello because basically your blog name is the same name as my fave British show! Hope you have a great weekend!