Friday, June 13, 2008

I am very sorry

I would like to apologize to the readers of this blog. I am so sorry. (I feel better already.) When I posted the list of items planted in my garden I listed: Dianthus "Neon Star" - Clavelina. Since I listed that, many, many people (seriously it is over ten) have stumbled onto my site after searching google. They are looking for wisdom such as, "Does Dianthus repel rabbits?" I am sure they are looking for more than I can give them, because they don't stick around for long.

So if you have stumbled onto this blog from google. (First-- Welcome I LOVE visitors.) This is what I know about Dianthus: They have a pretty flower AND the sign said they were perennials. I love perennials because as an engineer, I am all about saving time (I am lazy) and energy (I am cheap).

This is what the plant looked like the day I bought it.

This is what it looks like today in my garden!

Please leave me some advice before you take off.



girl with the mask said...

Two words. Oh dear.

The Mountain Cat said...

wow pretty.

Maggie May said...

Well dianthus like to be in the sun. They don't like to be in the shade & on wet soil.I THINK they like alkaline soil not acid. Any help?