Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Camp

This is a very big week for the Geek Family!

The two youngest Geeks are at camp FOR THE WHOLE WEEK!

(Not to self: They will be just fine. They are with people you have known for years. They are only an hour away and well within cell phone range. Some one will call if they need you. BREATHE!!)

This week took some planning and orgainzation.

Clothing had to be washed and placed in bags so that they would stay dry. (in case of torrential downpours and high winds..and....Breathe....Breathe okay I am better)

Food had to be coordinated so that each boy would have plenty to eat that fits within their diet restrictions. (With plenty of goodies so they won't feel left out during the dessert.)

Here is my Littlest Geek telling me Goodbye (and I Love you MOM!)

And here is the Middle Geek in a self portrait. I think the two of them will be fine. (Just fine I tell you! Quit worrying!)

First Phone Call (Monday Morning) -- Racoons LOVE Fish Oil Capsules! Sending Replacement Supplements.


Bina said...

Ha Ha! The part about Raccoons? Too funny!

I'm sure they will have a blast, and so you will you, if you allow yourself!

Kathryn said...

Man, Robin, you have got to be exhausted just trying to plan for the whole week! I am sure they are having a wonderful time. They are both so cute. They're having themselves an adventure.

And, they aren't too far a way.

I hope you can get a little R&R without worrying the whole time. Of course, if it were me, I'd be tunneling through the ice cream right about now.

Cheri and Jesse said...

Hopefully that is the only phone call that you get!!! Don't start enjoying yourself too much or you'll get the "I want to come home" phone call.

Robin said...

Cheri- We won't be surprised at all if we get that phone call.

Kathryn - I haven't hit the ice cream yet, but it's early still.

Bina - I picture those raccoons thinking they must have hit the jack pot.