Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 Inventions That Have Made Life Easier

[Note: No new phone calls from summer camp yet this morning. I'll keep you all posted.]

This Tuesday Ten is pretty easy.

First the Electronic Inventions

1. Cell Phones - This week especially I am grateful to be able to hear from anyone almost anywhere at anytime.

2. Computers - Just the word processing alone makes me want to weep with joy (as anyone who had to type on a typewriter will agree with.)

3. Internet - Whenever I want to know ANYTHING (which happens alot BTW), I turn on my computer, go to google and poof! Just like magic, I now know the difference between a Thinker, Lifer and Mandarin. (See quiz below)

4. Doppler Radar - It is nice to be able to call up the weather during thunderstorms and see how big and dangerous the storm is going to be. It sure beats the old fashioned way of sitting on the front porch and looking at the sky.

5. Automobiles

Then there are all the household items:
6. Hot Water Heaters
7. Dishwashers
8. Washers and Dryers
9. Microwave Ovens

And most importantly-
10. Coffee Makers - Last winter when we lost electric for a day, I missed this most fiercely. Only after we were able to perk coffee on the camp stove, I was able to stop panicking

Ten On Tuesday


Elizabeth said...

My picks are air conditioning, Velcro, Ziploc bags, and digital cameras. Oh, and Tivo. How did I EVER live without Tivo?!

Joyce said...

I listed coffee maker, too. :)

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I, too, am grateful for the hot water heater. That's one I didn't think to put on my list. And praise God for the coffee maker!

I played, too.