Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Middle Geek's Double Down

KFC doesn't have anything on the Middle Geek. Here he is displaying his very own Double Down*, which he made for breakfast.

*What is in the MG Double Down? Well I am sure you do not want to know. Really, you don't.

Okay, you insist.

First you take one slice of lunch meat. MG prefers bologna or turkey - Oscar Meyer. Then you add a generous amount of Sunflower Butter and Grape Jelly. Cover with a second slice of lunch meat and seal the edges.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Trip 2 - Mexico

My second planned trip for the summer is in July and I am going to Mexico.

My church has traveled to Mexico every summer to build houses. Last summer was the first time that I went with them.

The exciting difference this year -- I am taking the Middle Geek!!!

This is bound to be a time for growth for both of us. I am so excited for the Middle Geek to get out of his small suburban life and see some of the wonders and wondrous people that are out there.

I am also glad that he and I will have this week during the summer before he enters High School to spend time side by side.

To raise money for this trip, I organized - with tremendous help of family and friends - an EPIC Garage Sale*. (*quote by Middle Geek) It was lots of work but in two days of sales we raised almost 800 dollars.

This is going to be quite the summer.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Planning for a Busy Summer - Trip 1

I have big plans for travel this Summer.

First trip in June is India!! Can you believe it?

Our chapter of Engineers Without Borders is starting a new project near Pathanamthitta, India This is the southern part of India. We are going to work closely with a school and a small community of families. The first request that we have had is toilet facilities for the school. Right now the school uses a three walled enclosure for the toilet (number 1 only). The first trip is an assessment trip and we will evaluate which sort of toilet will be the best fit.

How many types of toilets are there?

To start with there are Pit Latrines. You know you dig a hole and put a seat on top on the hole. When the hole fills up, you bury it and dig a new latrine of you shovel it out.

Then there are various composting toilets that may be appropriate depending on the utilities available and user acceptance. There is no sense in building a wonderful composting toilet that no one uses or worse yet, everyone uses but no one maintains.

A water flush toilet even has many choices depending on the water supply and the options of where to send the waste - septic or sewer?

See I told you engineers are wonderful, that think about all your sh%%t so yo don't have to.

We will also be interviewing the poorest part of the community that live in thatched houses. We want to know what is there greatest need in the community, rather it be water, sanitation, better cooking stoves, or rain drainage.

This will be an exciting trip.