Monday, June 16, 2008

What's for Dinner at the Geek House?

For summer, I have switched from using Freezer Meals and I subscribed to the weekly meal planner from Saving Dinner. Each week has six meals planned with a detailed shopping list on the front.

Last night we had a memorable dinner (memorable in a really good way) .

The menu called for Red Chicken Curry.

I should probably tell you that I love cookbooks and new recipes, and sometimes I follow them exactly and other times I use them for inspiration. This leads to some really good dinners that will probably never be repeated in my life time as I am not always sure how I got there. For that reason alone Mr. Geek was excited that I was blogging about this meal, so that there would be some sort of written record and maybe he would see the same meal again. (I agree with him on this, I can't wait to make this again.)

First I sliced the chicken breast relatively thin (about 1/8 - 1/4 inch thick) and cut the slices into squares. I placed the chicken in a bag and added salt (~1 teas) and Coconut Powder (a purchase from the International Food Store, it is coconut ground into a coarse powder). I shook the bag to coat the chicken and pan fried it until it was crispy. (I saved some of the chicken at this point for the picky Littlest Geek.)

After the chicken was cooked, I added a bag of frozen peas and 1/2 bag of frozen mango to the same pan. (Do not rinse or clean this pan before this step.

Then I added one can of coconut milk and a seasoning packet of Thai Red Curry and a bit of water. (I did not follow the instructions on the seasoning packet either, I am that much of a rebel hah.)

After the mixture came to a boil and had thickened a bit, I poured it over the chicken, stirred it and served it over Jasmine Rice.

I rounded out the meal with some watermelon.

The only thing I would like to do differently next time is I plan to look for plain red curry at the International Food Store instead of using the spice mix. Although the mix is GFCF, I like to keep the amount of processed food we eat to a minimum.

Did you hear that? It was Mr. Geek screaming, "NOOOOO! Please, can't we have the same meal more that once?" heheheheh


Bina said...

Wow! That sounds good, and I have never, EVER (that I know of) had coconut in my food, cause I just don't like it. Can you really tell it's coconut in the taste?

Robin said...

Bina, I probably wouldn't be a good judge of how much coconut that you can taste, because I like coconut. It does taste alot different that coconut in a cookie or cake though. Go to a Thai restaurant and have your friend order it so you can have a taste.

Jules said...

And of course I had to come by when i was hungry. But wait! I always seem to be hungry. Never mind. It looks delicious. And I bet it tastes/tasted great!