Sunday, June 1, 2008

The First Triathlon

I know you are all very curious and what to know--- How was the first triathlon?

Here's the short story in pictures.

If you are unfamiliar with a triathlon, here is how it happens.

The littlest Geek (LG)

Mr. Geek

First, you have to have your number assigned.

The first race is the swim.

Followed by biking. No picture of Mr. Geek, I was in the pool area.

The last part is the run.

Time starts from the beginning of the swim so transitions are very important.

The Results

Third Place - Boys Ages 9-10

Second Place Men 40-49

The Story

We chose this triathlon for the littlest geek (LG) because it was a mini-tri (a little bit shorter) and we thought it would be small. We were right the size and crowd was perfect. They started in six person heats and LG went and introduced himself and shook their hands.

LG has been on swim team for several years, so we figured the swim portion would be no problem. Once again, we were right and LG was the first out of the pool.

The clothing change had been laid out meticulously by Mr. Geek and also went very smoothly and he was up on his bike and off.

Now I was not so confident of the bike portion. He had just recently outgrown his bike and was on his older brother's bike, his first with gears and hand brakes. So as the people that had left after him returned and there was no sight of him, I began to worry. I mean I know it was a closed course with people monitoring it along the way, but he is just a little boy.

Finally he returns, pushing his bike. The group of spectators that have been waiting with me begin cheering for him. When that doesn't cause him to pick up the pace (he loves applause) I knew something was wrong.

He returned his bike (okay he dropped it) and went out for the run at a slow slow walk. I walked with him trying to find out what happened. "Are you okay?" "Do you want a drink?" "Do you want to quit?" No answer. I finally stopped him and refused to let him go any further until he drank some water. (Oh did I mention after a cold, cold spring the temperature was now ninety degrees!) By then Mr. Geek had finished his race and walked the final leg with him.

After the race he ate and drank some and finally perked up and told us that he had crashed on his bike. (No blood, only a very small scrape.) After that he was so mad.
When he saw he had won third place though (yes out of three, what is your point?) he was very happy.

And the best part of the day was when he went to the officials and told them he really didn't deserve to win because after he crashed the bike, he turned around right there instead of continuing to the proper turn around location. I was very proud of him. And yes they told him he still deserved third place for trying so hard.

So I think we can declare: The First Triathlon was a Success!!


Kathryn said...

Robin, this is wonderful. I am proud of him, too! A great experience for him and he was so honest. Triathalons are no easy feat. Thanks for keeping us posted. You guys are great parents.

Mean Mom said...

Littlest Geek is a star! Now, please excuse me whilst I go in search of a tissue.

Maggie May said...

What a star. I felt tired just reading that! Well done, Littlest Geek!

Cheri and Jesse said...

That's AWESOME. I'm proud of Littlest Geek, too. What integrity to tell them that he turned around instead. (And I can picture him saying it.)
And good job, Uncle Geek!!!! =)


Bina said...

That is just so cool! He sounds like a very mature little guy! So what were the distances? And how old is he?

Anonymous said...

Bina, It was a mini tri. Little Geek had a 100 yd, swim, 3mi bike, 1 mile run. He is in the 9-10 age group. Mr. Geek had a 300 yd Swim, 6 mi bike, 3 mile run. Josh is amazing. We talked about his race on the run leg and what to do about it. He went to the race director all by himself.

Mr. Geek

Heather said...

I'm impressed! What an accomplishment all around.

chris said...

I'm so proud of him. He did great to even consider doing 3 huge things together in 1 day. And he's always so honest. How cute.
Congratulations Josh!
Aunt Chris

Jules said...

Wow! What a man (it's not the size of the man, but the man in the size). That was a wonderful thing for him to do. First finish the race and then go and be honest about changing the route a bit.

My hat's off to him.