Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My blog friend Jules at Just Because has some of the most amazing photography. I can only admire her pictures from afar, but my middle son has some photography and video aspirations (see yesterdays blog.) This is some of his most recent work.

Updated to add: See my present from Jules! This is so neat!


Cheri and Jesse said...

You know what Middle Geek does a really good job. Maybe next week he can bring his camera over and get some pics of my kids. See what he thinks!

Jules said...

Big puffy hugs coming your way. What a really sweet thing to say. More puffy hugs. I'm honored.

And what a great job MG did. Don't ya just love getting the stomach to the ground shots. Okay, so people look at me with raised eyebrows, but it's so much fun. Ask MG for me........ does he like the ground shots?

And I really liked all his shots but I liked his third shot the best. Great perspective.

Jennifer Robin said...

He has talent! That third shot has some great perspective going on. Drop on by and check mine out too!