Monday, June 9, 2008

Garden Update

For those who have been following the progress of my garden since the first of spring, Here is an update.

First, here is my tomato and pepper garden. The tomato plants haven't grown much, I think I will fertilize them.

And my pepper, oh my poor poor peppers. I think the rabbits found them. But have no fear, I sent out the middle boy with his soccer ball and the rabbit are cowering again (if they're smart.)

Now take a look at the lettuce garden, it has come a long long way from March. In fact, all of this lettuce has to be harvested in the next two weeks. So if you live close by consider this an invitation to come and get some. (After the lettuce s harvested, it will be my zucchini garden. The plants are already growing, can you see them?)

And we can't forget my pride and j0y, my herb garden. My basil reseeded itself, so I have lots and lots of basil growing. And do not make fun of my gnome! Every year I ask for an angel for my garden, and every year I get one for a birthday or mother's day present. And every year I have to throw away an headless angel (a victim of a soccer ball or baseball bat accident). Mr. Geek was tired of the carnage and didn't purchase one this year (sob). The gnome survives because it is made of cast iron!!


Cheri and Jesse said...

Hey, can you send some with Grandma tonight and I could get it from her tomorrow??? Just a thought! BTW, I think my dad already has tomatoes on his plants, very green and little, but they are still there. Let the competition begin!

Bina said...

Poor headless angels!!!!

Your lettuce looks so good! I wish I lived close (however, I don't even know where you live). Rabbits just should NOT be allowed near a garden. Have you ever put some kind of fence around? My cat keeps rabbits away from our house. He started when the rabbits were young and I think he wiped out most of the population!

Jules said...

I was going to suggest a cast iron maiden angel for your garden. I'll have to keep an eye out.

And every time I look at my garden I think of you. You were the inspiration for me getting a basket of herbs at Costco. I've fertilized my garden and I have ginormous plants now! Fruit is coming but the plants look abnormally big. I wonder how that happened?

Robin said...

Cheri - Did you get the lettuce? How was it?

Bina - We had a cat a few years back but the rabbit population seems to have recovered.

Jules - Be careful not to over fertilize. My friend said if you do thne the plants become like people who take steriods, they look really good and big, but they can't reproduce. hah