Monday, September 29, 2008

The Amazing Race - Geek Style

I may not have mentioned this here, but I am a HUGE Amazing Race Fan. (New season started last night woohoo.) I think Mr. Geek and I would be formidable opponents. Of course we would be limited by the facts that neither of us speaks any language other than English AND our international travel has been limited to visiting the bush of Western Ontario, Canada. But we have our problem solving skills (engineers) and we have worked together for over five years (both of us are still alive) and we have raised three boys (well one made it to college and the others are still breathing). We have always maintained that the real drama for the camera would be at home with the boys and whoever has been left watching them (just kidding, sorta)

In honor of the beginning of The Amazing Race, I present a recent harrowing travel leg that Mr. Geek and I have recently had. (It is much more fun to think of this event as part of a race and not as a really screwed up day.)

Phil: “Welcome to the Amazing Race. Mr. and AbFab Geek were first to leave at 9:00 am. The clue states: Travel to an equipment store which supplies Surveying Equipment. The manager will loan you the equipment necessary for the challenge. Take the loaned equipment to the listed address and find the height of the house located there”.

This is where Phil has to get technical, but he is so cute you listen without realizing that you are learning.

Phil: “When houses are located in the flood plain sometime the owner will raise the floor as to be above the river waters. To know how far the house must be raised, we must know the elevation of the existing floor related to sea level. When the house is far from a known reference point, engineers and surveyors can bring in a piece of equipment called a Static GPS. The Static GPS is able to find the elevation by communicating with the satellites.”

Mr. Geek and I sail through the first part of the task: rent the equipment.

Next find we have to find the property. Google map is used and directions printed out, (cue ominous music) however we decide not to follow the google map but instead to think on our own. After all, we discuss, we are familiar with the area and it will be much faster to take a longer route that is mostly Interstate instead of the recommended two lane highway. (Oh and by the way, we are burning up twice the gas because we are in separate vehicles. This is so I can babysit the equipment as it runs and Mr. Geek can return to the office and WORK!)

Everything is fine until (extreme close up on): ROAD Closed sign. Oh please, well we can just take the detour (Not an Amazing Race Detour a real detour). Mr. Geek “claims” to know the detour, so I follow. Several blocks further and he calls me (at least we have cell phone coverage). “I don’t really know if this is the detour, we had better go back.” GRRR

We return to the point of departure from the known path and relook at the Detour signs, yep we were going the right way. We leave going the same way AGAIN. This is a really, really long detour. Miles and miles into it and several turns and twists later, yet another detour sign shows up in the road. I follow it (yes I am back in the lead now, don’t ask) and the road leaves town and begins to wind through the farm fields. As the route get further and further away from the desired route and the roads become less and less traveled, I get a phone call. “ I think that last Detour Sign was for a different Detour.” GRRR again.

We turn around and again revisit where we have been. We follow the original detour and sure enough come across OUR detour signs to follow.

Finally we have get to the ferry crossing. (Did I tell you this trip involved a ferry crossing?) We now have just to take the Ferry across to… WHAT? Why are there orange cones where I should be driving? The ferry is closed?!? Perhaps they are at lunch?

I go to the vegetable /thrift store next to the ferry to inquire. Yes It is closed but before I can wind up complaining about my day, the owner beats me to it. Between the road detour and the Ferry closing, she has NO customers. It has been a bad spring and summer and now fall. As a small business owner, I can’t help but feel some real sympathy for her and I stop my whining immediately. She then reminds me of another Ferry a bit further north. I was so panicked with the thought of retracing our steps through the detour I had completely forgotten about the second ferry. I thank her profusely and wish her better luck and we head to the ferry.

We cross the river and I begin to track down the property. I am generally very good at reading map and following directions (yet another skill for the amazing race). But remember I have the directions printed as though we are coming from as different direction. And when you begin to get off the main road in these areas the names of the roads do not always match google maps or any maps for that matter.

Two trips around the peninsula and a conversation with some locals I trapped into helping us and we finally find the property. Google maps estimated time: 56 minutes -- Actual Drive time: 3 hours.

A neighbor confirms we are at the correct house. We begin to set up equipment when Mr. Geek says very matter of factly, “I need some help here.” I am about to tell him I will be there in a second after I finish what I am doing (in a really not to patient voice.), but instead I look up at him and (repeated camera viewing of the following) – Mr. Geek is holding his head above his eye and there is blood. As he was hammering in the nail into the telephone pole as a reference mark the nail ricocheted and hit him just above the eye.

Break to commercial

Repeated viewing of the “call” for help, and the blood dripping.

The rest of the leg is heavily edited because the actual running of the equipment is way too boring for television. However we show up on the mat, gauze over Mr. Geek’s eye and smile sheepishly at Phil. Phil: “Welcome, Mr. and AbFab Geek, You are team Number 10!”

Whew, we beat out one team. We are not eliminated. We will see you next week.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fill In

1. __________ are some of the things I'm most looking forward to in October.
Crisp nights and eating hot soup are some of the things I'm most looking forward to in October.

2. Sometimes I __________.
Sometimes I make soup in the summer, but it never tastes as good.

3. __________ and that's why there is a saying, "never say never"!
I looked at my son's dirty hands as he ate, and that's why there is a saying, "never say never"! (I know, yuck!)

4. When I'm down, I __________.
When I'm down, I cook comfort food, and then I eat it. Sometimes I just buy the comfort food and eat it, but there is usually food involved.

5. __________ is where you'll find me most often.
At the computer is where you'll find me most often (at home, at work, at the library).

6. A rainy day is good for __________.
A rainy day is good for cooking soup.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to __________, tomorrow my plans include __________ and Sunday, I want to __________!
And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to buying some new drumsticks for the Middle Geek, tomorrow my plans include two soccer games, and Sunday, I want to watch two more soccer games and yippee! look there are two more on the calendar.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Please add a caption for this picture in the comments!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I finally got a coupon from Saving Dinner, Thanks Leanne. I downloaded several new freezer meals and hopefully this week i will have an evening to put those together. Meanwhile, I am assuming we will still have to eat this week, ugh.

Monday - BLT's

Tuesday - Lasagna

Wednesday - Roasted Butternut Squash Soup and Corn Muffins

Thursday - I think I might try this Southwestern Pasta , only I will make it hot and add chicken.

Friday - Pizza and Chicken Wings

What Really Happened Last Week

You all know I traveled last week. But Mr. Geek and the little geeks seemed to have found something to eat.
Monday - Sloppy Joes per LG's request.

Tuesday - McDonalds

Wednesday - ?? I think my mom brought food for Mr. Geek. What did the poor children eat?

Thursday - Far East grilled chicken. The last of the freezer meals

Friday - Junk food

Saturday - Spicy Nacho Bake This was a new recipe and I LOVED it. The little guys liked it okay (That means success in my book.)

Sunday - Zippy Peanut Steak Kabobs - If you have a peanut or tree nut allergy in your house, don't worry I substituted Sunbutter and these were really good.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where is AbFab Geek? The Story

Now you all know where I was, but no one even tried to guess why.

I spent time in Philly with not only a group of engineers, not only a group of Chemical Engineers, but it was a group of Chemical Engineering Professors. In fact it was a group of Chemical Engineering Professors who either teach safety or are in charge of bringing safety education to their students.

We had lots of presentation and cool videos like this one.

Then we took a few plant tours. This is a picture of a group of Engineering Professors putting on Safety Gear.

And here is AbFab Geek -- Safety Geek!

But it wasn't all work. Besides the cool dinner in at the Franklin Institute, I was able to see some of downtown Philly from a bus. (We even were able to visit New Jersey, when our bus driver got lost.) Here is some of the views from the bus.

And I was sent home with a lovely parting gift. (Engineers LOVE toys.)

I was able to check of a few things one my list of Things to do in Philly

Eat a Philly CheeseSteak - Check (Unfortunately it was a catered cheesesteak, but the caterer was named Mario.)

See the Liberty Bell - Check (From the tour bus)

See the statue of Rocky and run up the Art Museum steps - No, I must return to Philly.

Product Review Friday

Here is a quick product review for - Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Kettle Corn.

See the bag-- This is AFTER popping. It is barely popped. If you let it go any longer the bag burns through and kernals go flying throught the microwave. YIKES!

This product gets a BIG THUMBS DOWN from AbFab Geek - and a complaint to the 1-800 number!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where is AbFab Geek? Final Clues

This is where we ate dinner last night.

We had to walk past this to get there.
(it's a really big heart)

This is the skyline.
Okay final clue-- Can you guess (or use google?)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where is AbFab Geek? Part two

Here are a few more clues. For bonus points- Guess what I am doing here?

New clues: I feel very cool here!

This is one place we visited.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where is AbFab Geek?

It's time for another round of


(Wait for the wild applause to die down.)

For your first clues, here are some pictures:

It appears that AbFab may have indeed gone to a different state.

Hmmm, Planes and Trains.....

Ah, my home for the next few days.

Menu Plan Monday

I am traveling this week, so prayers for Mr. Geek and the children (and me and the airplanes, etc.) I am leaving hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings and lunch meat. I would not be surprised if McDonalds is visited at least once.

Mr Geek, here is the schedule: (Bear with me, I know he reads my blog, but I am not sure he looks at the calendar.)

Monday - LG has drama practice after school, pick up at 4:30
Tuesday - I canceled MG's tutor. LG has soccer practice. Parent-Teacher Conference for LG. (I can't believe I am missing this, I want a full report.)
Wednesday - I don't believe we have anything scheduled. Don't forget to pick me up at the airport.
Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. We will have grilled chicken.
Friday - ?????

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday - Corn Bread Chicken with Cajun Vegetables The chicken was wonderful and will definitely be repeated. It was basically using corn bread mix as a breading for chicken breast and then pan frying. Be sure to either have the chicken fully thawed or after you brown it in a pan, you can put it in the oven to completely cook the inside, or you may get the outside of the chicken too brown. The Cajun Vegetables were not good, so the less said about then the better.

Tuesday - Soccer Practice. Havana Hash with Black Beans and Yellow Rice from saving dinner . Yummy

Wednesday - We went to Chili's for dinner. It was nice, but the Middle Geek had a stomach ache for two days and the Littlest Geek was off also, leading me to believe there was something in the food that did not agree with them (Milk or gluten in the French Fries perhaps?) I did not check as closely as I ususally do. I don't think we will eat there again.

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. Spaghetti and meatballs in Crock Pot. I also cooked the chicken that I had thawed out for dinner on Wednesday and made what we call at the Geek house - Cut and Throw Pasta. The recipe is as follows: Take everything in your refrigerator or pantry, cook it, add to pasta. We had chicken, zuchinni, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, basil.

Friday - Leftovers.

Saturday - Burgers

Friday, September 12, 2008

Product Review Friday

One of my favorite (geeky) thing to read in blogs is when bloggers try new products and then post the results. I find these examples to be much more informative than product websites and so much more accurate than commercials. So today I begin what I hope will be a regularly occurring feature -- Product Review Friday.

And the first product to be reviewed--Drum Roll Please ---

Wilton Ultra-Bake Silicone Baking Cups

For some reason, I had been skeptical of silicone bakeware. I don't know why I was skeptical. I had worked with silicone in industry and knew the material to be what is was advertised - High heat resistant, durable and nonstick. Maybe it was the association of industrial chemicals with food in my kitchen that made me pause.

Engineers are know for their curiosity (and geekiness) and curiosity got the better of me and I had to try this bakeware. (Really what could be better than combining my passions of cooking and engineering.) My first result was a fabulous Birthday Cake (look there for story).

So I was ready to try more silicone cookware. Engineers are known for their curiosity and problem solving ability and their ability to maximize profits (in other words, they can be really really cheap), so I waited for a sale. And waited. And waited. Finally my curiosity became stronger than my economic restraints and I purchased the Baking Cups - at FULL PRICE!!! (I am sorry mom.) $9.99 at Target.

First try - I made corn bread muffins.

My corn bread muffins are of course gluten, dairy and egg free and absolutely delicious. (If anyone wants the recipe let me know.) However, they do tend to stick to paper cupcake liners. I usually only make minimuffins without liners for that reason. But today I wanted a regular muffin.

I filled the Baking Cups a little over half full and placed them on a cookie sheet. I put the cookie sheet and cups into the oven and baked at the regular temperature of 350 F.

This is the muffin as it came out of the oven. It rose perfectly and became golden brown.

But the biggest miracle occurred next, when the muffin came out of

the cup completely intact and perfect. Look at that muffin, have

you ever seen anything that beautiful?

Bottom Line -- AbFabGeek completely endorses the Wilton Ultra-Bake Silicone Baking Cups.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr. Geek's Triathlon (Part 2)

The Actual Story

See here for Part One - The Background.

(I have been trying to upload some video, that is what has taken me so long. I give up.)

Mr. Geek trains for Triathlons year around. He swims twice a week with the Master's team (This is a dedicated (CRAZY) group of people who swim over 3000 meters starting at 5:30 am!). He rides his bike in the evening when it is light enough and has begun to take spinning classes during the winter. He runs whereever he can fit it in (during the boy's soccer practice, etc.) or when he can talk one of the boys into going for a bike ride (while he runs).

Mr. Geek's Athlete is similarly dedicated ( obsessed). She swims on year around swim team and she run track and field with DASA in the Spring. The team begins training at the beginning of summer.

They start with bike training on mostly level ground. Later they add a short run after the bike. As the race gets closer, they move the bike to hilly neighborhoods to more closely approximate race conditions. The week before the actual Triathalon all the DASA athleetes and their shadows run the entire actual course. This is important, because it is a lake swim and swimming in a lake is much different than swimming laps in a pool. (I will take their word for this)

It was one week before race and word came that Mr. Geek's Athlete would miss the last big practice because she is sick. Later she gets the bad news --- STREP THROAT!! Her mom hopes with enough rest, liquids, and antibiotics, she will not miss the Big Race, but only time will tell.

On the night before the Triathalon, it has still not been decided. Is she strong enough? It is necessary to wait until the last possible moment to decide.

Mr. Geek heads for the Triathlon that morning convinced either he would race or help in the transition area. Middle Geek is tapped as official photographer. (He had a good time, but it started out REALLY early.)

They were calling time for the transition area to be closed and still Mr Geek's Athlete had not arrived. Had she woken up to sick to race, had they had an accident on the way to the race? NO! They were just running late. A did not want to miss the race after training for it all summer. So the team set out, not at 100% physical but with their eye on the prize (finishing).

The swimming and transition went well (I am still trying to get the video uploaded. During the
bike, I am told they hit speeds of over 30 mph (the Tandem is a heavy bike and it flies downhill). Mr. Geek assures me that they were very safe the entire time.

Remember after the biking, you still have a 2 and one half mile run ahead of you. This course is through the neighborhood streets and contains hills. This is the most challenging part of the race. By the end of the run A's head began to ache, either from the fatigue or lingering effects from the strep.

She pushed through it and finished strong.

She finished FIRST in her division, Fifteen minutes ahead of the nearest competitor.

Take5 Tuesday

Today’s topics:

5 of your internet annoyances.
1. Spam with embarrassing subject lines like "Solution for your sexual life"
2. Spam with subject lines like "Hi"
3. When Yahoo tells me my email is "unavailable"
4. The fact that Yahoo separated my email accounts so that I have to remember to click each tab

5. Popups for Net Flix - I know NetFlix exists and if I wanted it I would have it, now Go Away!

5 things you’ve watched on TV lately.
(I watched these all last night--I need a life.)
1. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition. They built the dream home for a Virginia National Guardsman that was serving in Iraq. They actually got him home for a visit and yes, his wife cried, his boys cried (I cried).

2. Colbert Report. This is my guarantee laugh each night.

3. Jon & Kate plus Eight. I swear her life is actually easier than mine. Really maybe we should trade places.

4. Feasting on Waves. This is Alton Brown's new series, a sequel to Feasting on Asphalt. How do I get a job like this? Alton, call me! I love the ocean, I love food, I would be perfect.

5. VMA Award (this was on the DVR like the others). The Middle Geek and I fast forwarded to just the musical performances and even of those, he only let me watch a few. ("I hate rap, mom", and "Why are his pants below his butt, that's disgusting." The Middle Geek is such a prude.)

Take5 Tuesday

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today I have found myself thinking about a very special person. Today is my Dad's birthday! The only one of my boys that born while he was alive the College Geek. He also missed seeing my final graduation. It is weird that I would think of this after so much time has passed.

I am not sure what he would have thought about being featured on a blog. (He probably would not have liked it, and yet I would have done it anyway.) I know my family visits here and they are probably thinking of him also.

I was looking for some pictures and I was not happy that I don't seem to have as many pictures of my Dad as I would like. Then I found this one. I don't remember even seeing this one before. It was taken at the house I grew up in about 25 years ago. My mom is wearing a Christmas pin, so it is probably December. When I saw the smiles on his and my mom's faces, I knew this was the one to post.


Jules started it. She has a wonderful tribute to the joys of growing up in a houseful of boys. So I feel the need to show you all what can happen when your twelve year old boy "borrows" your camera. (WARNING: Stop eating now!)

Seriously--- Stop Eating!

I uploaded it small. If you have boys at your house, please click on it and you can view it in full gory detail.
You are very Welcome!

Monday Menu Plan

I am planning this week to do my own Menu Planning (using some of my many cookbooks) combined with some freezer meals from saving dinner . I will let you know how it goes.

Monday - Corn Bread Chicken with Cajun Vegetables
Tuesday - Soccer Practice. Havana Hash with Black Beans and Yellow Rice
Wednesday - Apricot Honey Chicken
Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. Spaghetti and meatballs in Crock Pot.
Friday - Pizza!! I found a new GFCF Mix.

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday -Labor Day - I tried to close the kitchen, but the Geeks insisted on eating anyway.

Tuesday - Soccer Practice. I made Chicken Tortilla Lasagna in the CrockPot. I didn't have a recipe so I made it up. (Think traditional lasagna with salsa instead of tomato sauce, corn tortillas instead of noodles, and chicken and beans instead of.... Okay maybe it is not like lasagna at all, but go with me.) We were out of salsa so I mixed some canned Chipolte peppers (which I did have on hand) with a can of tomato sauce. The result was a fiery meal. It was way to hot for the little Geeks and Mr. Geek and I had trouble eating it. However it seemed to mellow upon sitting in the refrigerator overnight and made awesome lunches.

Wednesday - Under the Tuscan Sun Chicken on the Grill with pasta

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. Burgers on the grill.

Friday - Middle Geek started his new drum lessons and rock band. The Littlest Geek went to a friends house. I am pretty sure everyone had dinner, but I couldn't say what.

Saturday - We made pizza, it was so good we took pictures, (seriously the boys said, "Mom get a picture!"), but I can't find them. I will take more pictures on Friday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Last Saturday was the first CrossRock! It was an outdoor music festival and all around good time. That boy in the very front does indeed have green hair (It's College Geek, I do not know why he has green hair.)

Our PraiseBand performed-- I imported the picture really small so you can't see what a dork I look like when I am singing.
There were alot of much cooler bands there too. This is one of the coolest was Candlefuse .

Why were they the coolest? Well not only were they the very best band BUT they stayed at our house over night. Here is the proof - a picture in front of our house right before they left to drive to their next gig.
Here is another picture of the band. They were all very gracious and kind to Middle Geek as he took picture after picture the entire time they were here. Ashley is the lead singer's wife. We enjoyed bonding as only two women surrounded by boys all the time can (we even exchanged gluten free recipes.)

The band played around a bit on the instruments in the music room to try to entice Middle Geek into showing them how he played the drums, but he was way too star struck to do so. He did however challenge them to some Wii Bowling.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mr. Geek's Triathlon

Part One --The Background (or the Story behind the Story)

When Mr. Geek had his midlife crisis, he did not find a blond or try to purchase a shiny red sport's car, (thankfully)-- he instead began to run triathlons. (What did I do? Thanks for asking. I joined a Rock Band. But that is a story for another day.)

Another part of his midlife crisis was to question, "what is my purpose here on earth?" and "What is it that God expects me to accomplish in my lifetime?" (hey I never said we were original, just geeky) Mr.Geek and I have often discussed how best to live our lives in a way that will leave the world in a better way than how we found it. Mr. Geek even talked at one time with entering the ministry. (I do believe the possibility of taking Greek might have seemed a bit off putting.) We finally decided that if we tried, we could help people as engineers. (See here all the ways engineers have made the world a better place.) As I stated to Mr. Geek, people are going to be even more receptive to the Good News, if they have running clean water and proper sewage treatment. Oh yes they will and you may quote me.

And in keeping with the overall plan to visit new countries and bring with us running water and sewage treatment (I know we are geeks, haven't I said that already), I have been taking notes and generally being obnoxious asking question after question over at Kash 's (rhymes with mosh) website. Kash has moved to Mali and has been documenting everything from what to pack, to her first meals and grocery shopping and has given us a fabulous house tour. Thanks Kash!

However the reality is right now we are committed to three boys that need routine and a careful diet and a careful watch on their education progress. So what can we do right now and right here.

Another aside (Please bear with me I have trouble telling stories chronologically)-- Mr. Geek has been an active member in DASA for several years as board member and president. For those of you in the St. Louis area DASA is an organization for youth with physical disabilities. The founder is named Kelli, she is a Physical Therapist with oddles of energy. She discovered that in our area there was the Special Olympics for children with mental and physical disabilities but no outlets for children with only physical disabilities. As a problem solver, Kelli jumped in and started getting these kids into everything. She started with track and field and now includes rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, ice hockey and so much more. She is an incredible source of energy and inspiration.

So I had a thought that seems obvious now but at the time seemed genuinely inspired. One of the Triathlons that Mr. Geek races in has a disabled division . DASA athletes participate in this race and each athlete has a "shadow who runs along in case the athletes need help. "Maybe," I commented to Mr. Geek, "they could use another shadow." And as they say, to make a long story longer, began the story that I promise to to tell in Part 2.

Mr Geek was linked with a young athlete (I will call her A for Athlete) that was vision impaired. The first race was done as a team. His Athlete swam and ran and another athlete did the biking portion. We considered trying to get A to use our Trail-a-Bike but although she was not a very tall girl she was too tall for that. So I said maybe we could talk a bike rental place into loaning DASA a tandem bike for the race and then she could do the entire race. DASA was even better than that and found the funding to purchase a used tandem bike to train and race on. (This is a great organization if you are looking for a place to support.)

Remember A was 12 and had never ridden a bike without training wheels . So it took an incredible amount of courage for her to climb on that bike with Mr. Geek (Whom I had given a stern talking to before hand about not going too fast). Last year they completed the entire race and came in first.

Menu Plan Monday

Not to be whiny, but what does a person have to do to get a coupon from the Dinner Diva .

Monday -Labor Day -- Kitchen is Closed!

Tuesday - Soccer Practice. Apricot BBQ Chicken in Crockpot

Wednesday - Under the Tuscan Sun Chicken

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. Burgers on the grill.

Friday - Looking for suggestions!!

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday -Horseback Riding This was the boys last lesson.

Tuesday - Soccer Practice and Cub Scout Family Picnic - Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. It was potluck and I brought a Garbanzo Bean and Tomato Salad. I made up the recipe as I went along, one can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed. Two tomatoes from my garden, diced. One handful of fresh basil (also from my garden) cut into slivers. I added zucchini (yes from my garden, see a trend) that had been cut into matchsticks. Pour over some Red Wine Vinegar, a bit of sugar and plenty of salt. Allow it to sit as long as possible for the flavors to blend (or eat it right away, I won't tell.)

Wednesday - Summer in Vermont Chicken - This is chicken marinated in maple syrup and other spices. When you cook it on the grill it gets a wonderfully sticky coating.

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice, Mr Geek's Triathlon was canceled because his athlete has strep throat. (Will she be able to compete in the race on Saturday? Stay tuned.) We had Manic Meatloaf in the Crockpot. This was another freezer meal that really hit the spot. There is a tomato onion relish that is supposed to be cooked separately, but I added the relish to the crock pot during the last hour and half of cooking. It was perfect. No the children did not eat it. there's was more for me and Mr. Geek.

Friday - Red River Chicken and Chicken Wings. College Geek was home for the weekend and there was a fistfight over the chicken. (Okay maybe no fist fight, but no leftovers either.)

Saturday - Cross Rock!!! and Mr. Geek's triathlon . Stories and Pictures to follow.
Sunday - We had friends over and Steaks on the grill, Corn on the Cob, yum.