Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thirteen Things That Have Been Very Different This Week

The noise

No Video games – That background noise I don’t really miss

No Drums – I actually love to hear the drums played

No phone calls – after Monday when I told all their friends that the boys would not be home all week.

No Music – I have not had to listen to the CD player set to repeat endlessly their favorite song of the moment.

No Arguing and Fighting – How long do you think they will both be in the house before they have their first fight?

No complaining about Dinner – No “Why do I have to eat this?” or “Why can’t I just have a hot dog?”

The busyness

No running to Swim practice

No swim meets

No picking up or taking to friend’s houses

No running to the skating rink

The amount of work

Laundry – wow, I think I had less than half of the amount of clothes. I know, just wait until they come home with mountains of smelly laundry. (Although I suspect that the same clothes may have been wore for a week straight. Maybe I will just burn them.)

Cooking – Mr. Geek and I have gone out to dinner, thrown streaks on the grill, I have not really cooked at all this week.

Cleaning – I picked up the living room on Monday and IT IS STILL PICKED UP!

Shopping – The amount of food we have gone through (eating out helps) is markedly reduced.

SIGH! I really miss them!

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Bina said...

Yes, it's amazing how different it is when there are no kids around. It's just weird when my girls go to their dad's. On one hand, it's pretty nice, but on the other hand, I really, REALLY miss it!