Sunday, February 14, 2010

Googling Engineer and Valentine

And this is what I found

and this too:

An Engineer's Valentine
by Matthew Dalton

I was alone and all was dark
Beneath me and above
My life was full of volts and amps
But not the spark of love

But now that you are here with me
My heart is overjoyed
You've turned the square of my heart
Into a sinusoid

You load things from my memory
Onto my system bus
My life was once assembly code
It's now like C++

I love the way you solder things
My circuits you can fix
The voltage 'cross your diode is
much more than just point six

With your op-amps and resistors
You have built my integrator
I cannot survive without you
You're my function generator

You've changed my world, increased my gain
And made my math discreet
So now I'll end my poem here
Control, Alt, and Delete

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Blind Side

I believe that I might be the very last person in the world to see this movie. I tried to be one of the first. Leigh Anne Tuohy, one of the main characters, is a Kappa Delta which is AbFabGeek's very own sorority. Because if that connection I had received an email announcement before the opening. I tried to arrange to see the movie with a few of my AbFab Sorority sisters but our schedules never did line up.

Anyway Mr. Geek wanted to see the movie too - he had heard it was not just a chick flick. Then our church then started a sermon series based on the movie. Sometimes waiting until you have time to do something just doesn't happen. So we just said - tonight- we are going to see it tonight. Never mind that tonight was a Sunday evening - that is a school night.

Then we made another big decision - We decided to see the movie as a family (minus College Geek - he was, you know, at college). This was a big deal. Mostly we only see movies like The Squeakquel- very much kids movies and now we were planning on taking the little geek to a grown up movie (not to be confused with adult movie --ick).

And the response from the little Geeks was .... "Why do we have to go? Can't we just stay home? Can't we go see a different movie?" You know-- enthusiastic.

But we held firm. "You will like this movie", we told them.

"No I won't I saw the preview. I HATE those kind of movies. I think football is stupid."

So we headed to the movies. (I even bribed them each with a dollar if they would just not disturb me.) The little geeks sat in the very first row and Mr. Geek and I sat in the very last row. (Family bonding at its best.)

As you all know by now the movie is wonderful. It has gotten great reviews and several awards so I won't bore you with my review.

What I do want to share was the response of the little geeks.

They were blown away by the movie. During the credits they walked back to where Mr. Geek and I were sitting and began to talk about the movie. The conversation continued as each of them laid down in their bed that night through breakfast the next morning.

Here are their impression: The Middle Geek was ready to search for a homeless person for us to adopt.

Littlest Geek: When he said that he had never had a bed before I wanted to cry.

Not enough has been made about Leigh Anne's husband Sean Tuohy role in Micheal Ohrer's story. The emphasis is on Leigh Anne and her take charge ways. In the following interview, I found out that Sean Tuohy was already buying Micheal his lunch everyday.

But I think Sean has an even more pivotal role in the story. I love the way he looks at Leigh Anne from the car when she is about to ask Micheal to stay over night. I love the way he reassures her when later she is wondering if she did the right thing. I love how you know that none of this story would have been possible if the family did not work together as a team.

Oh yeah and you know what else? I love how Sean Tuohy (and even Tim McGraw) remind me of Mr. Geek and his unwavering support when I make announcements like : I am going to Haiti. I am going back to grad school. I think we should adopt. Mr. Geek, we have a new son . I never have to guess, I know Mr. Geek is in it with me the whole way.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Those of you on FaceBook know that last week was Doppleganger Week. You were supposed to find a picture of a famous person that people say that you look like. Then you were to post that picture as your profile picture.

Some of my friends resemble celebrities so much that I had to do a double take on their profile picture. So I wanted to play along. The trouble is that - I have never been told that I look like a famous person. ever. People come up to me all the time asking if I am their neighbor's cousin, cousin's neighbor or child's prinicipal (I actually have gotten that one more than once.) However never has anyone ever said, "You know when you look that direction, when the light is just right, and I squint my eyes - You look exactly like Big Famous Celebrity.

But I did let that keep me from the fun.

One someone had said that Leelee Sobieski in Never Been Kissed looked like me. What do you think?

We are twins separated at birth, right?

SO ANYWAY, while I was looking at images from Never Been Kissed, I saw my perfect doppelganger.....

Josie Grossie!!!

But my nieces didn't seem all the resemblance.

So back to google images. There is one celebrity that I have been told I resemble - the way I speak anyway (oh and the way I dance )

But I was informed -- Doppelganger? No way!

After doppelgange week was over, I came up with the PERFECT match. (Isn't that always the way.)

Oh yeah, from my favorite movie -- Mamma Mia!

As proof during the movie when the following scene played, my friends on either side of me turned and said, "That is so you."

It's a complement right?