Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Where was AbFabGeek?

Did you guess right?

I was close to Tennessee, but far, far away from Switzerland, I was in Rural Missouri and at Lambert's Cafe . This restaurant is famous, I mean FAMOUS in this part of the world for country cookin' (no g on cooking, EVER) and (this is the most important) when you want a roll, you put up your hands and the roll boy fires a roll at you from across the restaurant.

I was a bit apprehensive about visiting for lots of reasons (never mind the cow bell decorated vehicles) but because it looked very much like a family establishment and I was eating alone. But how often am I going to be in this part of the world (don't answer that question, something are better unknown)? So I bravely marched past the arcade room, past millions of license plates, past this:

And asked for a table for one. He asked, "Would you like to sit at the bar?" Where's the bar? (I thought this was a dry establishment.) He laughed and said, "Well you can't drink there, but right there is the bar." So I took a seat right up front where I could look out over the entire restaurant and employees wandered by to make small talk with the over the road truckers. A PERFECT seat!

They serve all beverages in oversize mugs. I asked for water to drink and as the boy walked up with this humongous plastic mug he tripped and spilled it all over me!!! But wait, the mug was empty. It was really corny and funny. A girl comes by before I even ordered and offers me some fried okra. I said, "I don't have a plate." The guy at the bar said, "Just grab some of those paper towels fold them up and she'll put them on there."

I was torn, should I order meatloaf or Chicken Fried Steak? I asked the waitress, she says, "Just a minute" and leaves. Next thing I know here she is with a serving of meatloaf. "There try it and let me know."

I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and mashed potatoes, turnip greens and fried apples. After I received my food, more people kept coming by, "Would you like some fried potatoes? Would you like some stewed tomatoes and macaroni? Would you like apple butter or sorghum for your roll?" It was like visiting a huge group of long lost relatives. I ate until I was miserable, and still left so much food. "Don't you want to take that with you?" To bad I was too far from home, because I could have made several more meals on what was left.

What a great time and a great restaurant!


Damama T said...

I love finding great new places to eat. Especially if they are friendly. Isn't sitting at the counter the best! You get to see everything that's going on without people looking at you sideways feeling sorry for you for having to eat alone. LOL!

FUN OF ALL FUNS!! We are going to Branson in August. I JUST finished making the reservations and our free meal ticket is at.. LAMBERT'S!!! My friend told me that if I didn't go there to get rolls thrown at me on vacation she was going to throw some at me the next time we went out to lunch! LOL! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU POSTED THIS TODAY!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!

You are truly the MOST ABFABGEEK in the world!!

Bina said...

I've never heard of it but I went to their web site, and it sounds like a fascinating place!!!! I rarely get up North, but I'll have to see how far it is from here!

Mean Mom said...

I hadn't heard of Lambert's, of course, but it sounds great. Did you put up your hand for a roll? Did you catch it? What happens if you miss it?

Thanks for coming to my virtual party. It was a great day!

Robin said...

Damama - I am glad to see you. I hope you have a good time in Branson. What shows are you planning to see?

Bina - Sikeston isn't too far from western Tennessee (that's why there were several trucks from there.)

Mean Mom - You put on a wild party, even virtually. I was very close to the roll guy, so it was more of a toss. I think the roll guys were from the local high school baseball team, though, the way they fired those rolls across the place. Oh and if you dropped it, no problem, they just fired another one to you.

Also I should tell you that throwing rolls is not an American tradition or even a Midwest Tradition.

Jules said...

OMG! You find the best places. It sounds like heaven to me. I love those kind of places! Now I just have to find a way to visit it.

dani said...

hey, robin...
cheri sent me over to read about your lambert's experience. i got a little more detail from you than i did from my husband who went there on his first "long" motorcycling trip several weeks ago.
i did get out of him that the food was good (between complaints of a sore bottom for riding 8 hours +++, ha!!!).
i'm so glad you enjoyed it; i think it's actually on the usa's top ten list of places you must eat, or, at least, it has been:D
~dani (ky)

Tanya said...

I've been there, it is such a fun restaurant. I made a trip to Sikeston, just to eat there.