Friday, July 9, 2010

The Second Summer Trip

It is time for my next trip this summer. I am heading south once again. This time I am not stopping in Missouri, in fact I am not even stopping in the US. I am traveling to Mexico.

One of the great things about going to Mexico two year in a row is that I get to reunite with lots of the same people.

It is so good to make good friends and to spend time together. We started off meeting at the Chapel service and gathered for a large group picture.

The other nice thing about returning to the same place is that you know more what to pack. Here Emily is modeling her brand new pink tool belt and her father's hammer with the largest hammering surface.

Side story - Last year as Emily was attempting to nail in a board, she missed so many times in a row that the man running the trenching machine for the crew installing a sewer line, told her to get down, and then he hammered the nail. And no we have not let her forget it.

See ya next week!!