Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Honor of the First Day of Spring--Thirteen things you can say to your friend named Robin

I want you to know I have always liked my name. I never went through a time of preteen angst where I wished my parents had picked something else that fit the “real me”. I did go through a phase where I tried spelling my name with a y, Robyn, but I couldn’t pull that off, and okay there was a brief moment when I dotted the letter I with a heart.

1. Look it’s the first Robin of Spring. Everyone who says this to me thinks they are the very first. When I worked at Denny’s as a teenager, the old men loved this saying.

2. And during the winter – Look there’s a Robin and it’s not even spring.

3. Hey Robin where’s Batman?

4. Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. This one my cousin actually sang to me over and over and over on Christmas Eve until I cried. But I am over it now, it is behind me, I do not hold a grudge, really.

5. Robin, where are your merry men? Robin Hood references are many but usually limited to an older generation.

6. Another Robin Hood reference? Robin, where’s Little John?

7. Fly, Robin Fly—up up to the sky. This is an obscure song from the disco era.

8. Rockin Robin - tweet tweet. Now here is a song for all Robins to embrace. Once I had to introduce myself with an adjective with the first letter of my name and. I picked Rockin Robin.

9. We all know Robins can sing, so let’s listen to this one. This was the introduction at my first solo and ensemble contest in fourth grade.

10. Hey Robin, do you have a red breast? The old men at Denny’s loved this one too. Believe it or not this comes from a song .

11. When the red, red robin comes bop, bop, bopin’ along. I don’t understand it either, but it was a hit song in its day.

12. Red Robin – as in the restaurant. This is what my nephews call me – Aunt Red Robin.

13. Robin is a boy’s name. Robin Hood, Robin Williams, Batman & Robin, Robin Thicke? Maybe it is?


Tanya said...

Wow, I don't think I could come up with 3 things for Tanya.

Cheri and Jesse said...

That cracked me up the that time I said we were going to Aunt Robin's and they were upset when we pulled up in your driveway......not that they dislike or think you are uncool, BUT I definitely did not pull into the parking lot that surrounded their favorite restaurant and THAT was uncool!!! =)


Bina said...

Ahh, now some of those ARE funny. Okay, my name?

Robina - Row Bee Nah

Seems like there is no way to make fun of that, right? WRONG. My sister with Down's Syndrome turned it to Beanie.

1) Beanie Weanie took of her bikini
2) Beanie the Bean Pole
3) Lima Bean
4) Pork & Bean

There are several more, and yea, I cried a LOT when I was little. Didn't help that I had naturally curly hair, was very skinny, and flat chested for most of my teenage years!

Rob said...

Oh dear lord, I remember the Disco era. I remember that song. Oh the horror! I thought I had drunk enough alcohol to kill the brain cells that held those memories. Since you dredged it back up into the forebrain I guess I need to start drinking again!

Robin said...

Tanya -- I told you Robin was a cool name.

Cheri - Maybe if I gave the boys french fries?

Bina - This is funny, when I took a foreign language in school, we would change our name to something in that language. My friends would call me Robina, I thought it sounded exotic.

Rob -- No one can ever truly leave the Disco era. It is a burden we all have to bear.

Jeff said...

Thank you for stopping by and pointing me to this post. This is the EXACT thing I was trying to uncover when I wrote it. Fortunately you can laugh about these 13 things today.

Uh, you can laugh about them. Right?