Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thirteen Places I would like to visit (and what I would like to do there) before I die

1. See one (or fifteen) plays in New York City. I’d really like to spend a semester in this city.
2. Eat Pomme Frites in Belgium. I saw this on the Food Network and the thought still makes my mouth water.
3. Bicycle though Denmark.
4. See the tulip and windmills in the Netherlands.
5. Rent and stay in a villa in the south of France. I read this in a book or magazine, where two couple rented a home, walked to the farmers’ market everyday and cooked their own fabulous meals or visited local restaurants.
6. Drink a beer in Germany during Oktoberfest.
7. Visit Australia. Now I realize this is a really large country with so many options, so I am not sure if I want to visit The Great Barrier Reef or tour the outback. Someone out there help me with some specific destinations.
8. Take a Safari Tour in Kenya.
9. Do a pub crawl in Ireland.
10. Go from the Pacific Ocean to the base of the Andes Mountains in Chili.
11. See India. This country has always fascinated me. I would like to visit with someone who has lived there and knows what to see.
12. See the great cathedrals in St. Petersburg, Russia.
13. Visit Tiananmen Square in China.

Oh no, I have thirteen already, I feel like I have just begun. There are still so many places I would love to see.


sd-b said...

I love travel TTs! I will be doing #5 in August and looking very much forward to it.

Neen said...

Want some company on your trip? I'd love to do all of these too.

Bina said...

Great list! There are many places I would love to see, and many things I would love to do, but there are is only one outside of this country, and that is also to go to Austraila. I have this fear of leaving the country, getting mugged, someone taking my passport, there is no way to identify myself and I can never get back to America. Odd, I know, but I swear it's been a fear of mine for as long as I can remember!

Tanya said...

The lady who sits across from me has probably visited just about every place on your list. I am regularly jealous of her. Last year she did Russia. For her next big trip she wants to hit Greece and Egypt.

Jeff said...

Those are worthy destinations. I'd take anywhere outside the US for starters.

Maggie May said...

The furthest I travelled was Japan. I have been to France, Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Gran Canaria (Spain), Switzerland, Andora, Cyprus, Eire and have travelled through Germany & Belgium but one motorway looks very much like another!
We are now confined to the British Isles for holidays as it is not easy to get insurance to cover my husband's illness. There are many lovely places though in our lovely Island though, its just the weather is dodgy!

Nicholas said...

That's the thing about seeing the world. Thirteen is never enough!

Seeing India in any depth will take you a few years! I have stayed in a rented villa in the south for France and yes, it is great to buy fresh food locally and cook it yourself. When (not "if") you do this yourself you will love it!

Jules said...

Oooo... great post. I wanna go too! Take me, take me!!!

Although I've done a couple - safari in Botswana (fabulous), seen the windmills and loved them, biked in Holland ( flat land=massive cross winds= really get the ol' leg muscles in shape ).

And... do you have a new picture up on your profile? Or am I just really unobservant?

Carolyn said...

Great post!! Eeeeeek. I LOVE travelling. I lived on a cruise ship for 2 years, so I've visited many of the places on your list so far. You've made some excellent choices!

Australia is still on my to-do list, and like you, I have no idea what to do first. Something to enjoy fantasizing about...

I look forward to seeing your list grow. And don't forget to tell us when you tick something off, of course.