Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's in a Geek's purse?

I know you are all dying to know the answer to that question.

Blame OhMommy for bringing up the story . Melissa showed us hers . And although she didn't specifically call me out I felt the need to share (or perhaps overshare).

Please refer to what I wrote in the about me section of this page. There you will see this is one area that I will look incredibly like a geek when compared to normal people, but I live on the edge.

Here is my purse. You can tell right off that I carry a purse for a long time. In fact the only time I get a new purse is when my mother gets tired of seeing my purse and buys me a new one. If she sees this post, remember mom I have a birthday coming up soon. (I honestly love getting new purses, but I just NEVER think of buying one for myself, not while the one I am using works just fine...and I realize how geeky that sounds, thank you very very much.)

Do you want to look inside?

First the important stuff. Credit card holder, check book and insurance card holder.

I try to carry a small purse because the larger the purse my more junk I fill in with. In fact look how much stuff I crammed into this purse.

Extra keys, emergency health and beaty supplies, and "important" receits and business cards.


OHmommy said...

Robin. Once again proves that all engineers are organized and well thought out.

Nice purse! :)

Bina said...

Hey, I like your purse! And ya know, my purse seems to be 1/2 filled with "important" receipts! I don't where they come from!

Damama T said...

Oh how I WISH that was ALL that is in my purse. I may just have to take the challenge myself. But you can bet there is NO chocolate in it. Especially any of my daughter's missing bunny ears. ;o)

Thanks for stopping by my land of nutty goodness. Hope to see you again soon.

Cheri and Jesse said...

That's why I usually don't carry a purse. Usually ends up with tons of receipts, change at the bottom, and misc kid crap strewn about. All I need is pants with pockets for my license, debit card, and cell phone.
BTW, pictures from Wii night are posted on my blog.


Kalynne Pudner said...

Hey, Robin! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your words of encouragement regarding my kid jumping out of moving vehicles. May I safely assume that you and your son are now on speaking terms?

I can't play the purse thing. I carry a briefcase (which will be full of stuff I might post on my blog if it doesn't run afoul of the Student Privacy Act thing). My purses are on my closet shelf, used to hide things like gum, candy and cash from my kids, who always look there first, but since I keep changing which purse I use they sometimes take so long looking that I catch them.

Tanya said...

You don't have too much stuff in your purse. You're doing pretty well.


Melissa said...

Wow, everyone said I carry a lot of stuff, I guess I do! I can't believe how neat your purse is inside!