Monday, September 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Not to be whiny, but what does a person have to do to get a coupon from the Dinner Diva .

Monday -Labor Day -- Kitchen is Closed!

Tuesday - Soccer Practice. Apricot BBQ Chicken in Crockpot

Wednesday - Under the Tuscan Sun Chicken

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. Burgers on the grill.

Friday - Looking for suggestions!!

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday -Horseback Riding This was the boys last lesson.

Tuesday - Soccer Practice and Cub Scout Family Picnic - Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. It was potluck and I brought a Garbanzo Bean and Tomato Salad. I made up the recipe as I went along, one can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed. Two tomatoes from my garden, diced. One handful of fresh basil (also from my garden) cut into slivers. I added zucchini (yes from my garden, see a trend) that had been cut into matchsticks. Pour over some Red Wine Vinegar, a bit of sugar and plenty of salt. Allow it to sit as long as possible for the flavors to blend (or eat it right away, I won't tell.)

Wednesday - Summer in Vermont Chicken - This is chicken marinated in maple syrup and other spices. When you cook it on the grill it gets a wonderfully sticky coating.

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice, Mr Geek's Triathlon was canceled because his athlete has strep throat. (Will she be able to compete in the race on Saturday? Stay tuned.) We had Manic Meatloaf in the Crockpot. This was another freezer meal that really hit the spot. There is a tomato onion relish that is supposed to be cooked separately, but I added the relish to the crock pot during the last hour and half of cooking. It was perfect. No the children did not eat it. there's was more for me and Mr. Geek.

Friday - Red River Chicken and Chicken Wings. College Geek was home for the weekend and there was a fistfight over the chicken. (Okay maybe no fist fight, but no leftovers either.)

Saturday - Cross Rock!!! and Mr. Geek's triathlon . Stories and Pictures to follow.
Sunday - We had friends over and Steaks on the grill, Corn on the Cob, yum.

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