Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today I have found myself thinking about a very special person. Today is my Dad's birthday! The only one of my boys that born while he was alive the College Geek. He also missed seeing my final graduation. It is weird that I would think of this after so much time has passed.

I am not sure what he would have thought about being featured on a blog. (He probably would not have liked it, and yet I would have done it anyway.) I know my family visits here and they are probably thinking of him also.

I was looking for some pictures and I was not happy that I don't seem to have as many pictures of my Dad as I would like. Then I found this one. I don't remember even seeing this one before. It was taken at the house I grew up in about 25 years ago. My mom is wearing a Christmas pin, so it is probably December. When I saw the smiles on his and my mom's faces, I knew this was the one to post.


Jules said...

Well your dad looks like a really fun guy! And your mom too, of course!

Cheri and Jesse said...

Robin, that's a great picture. We all miss Grandpa very much!!!