Thursday, September 4, 2008


Last Saturday was the first CrossRock! It was an outdoor music festival and all around good time. That boy in the very front does indeed have green hair (It's College Geek, I do not know why he has green hair.)

Our PraiseBand performed-- I imported the picture really small so you can't see what a dork I look like when I am singing.
There were alot of much cooler bands there too. This is one of the coolest was Candlefuse .

Why were they the coolest? Well not only were they the very best band BUT they stayed at our house over night. Here is the proof - a picture in front of our house right before they left to drive to their next gig.
Here is another picture of the band. They were all very gracious and kind to Middle Geek as he took picture after picture the entire time they were here. Ashley is the lead singer's wife. We enjoyed bonding as only two women surrounded by boys all the time can (we even exchanged gluten free recipes.)

The band played around a bit on the instruments in the music room to try to entice Middle Geek into showing them how he played the drums, but he was way too star struck to do so. He did however challenge them to some Wii Bowling.


Tanya said...

Do you know, your church is about 2 miles from my house?!?

Robin said...

Tanya - I knew you were in St. Louis but not that close. Be sure to come to CrossRock 09! And think about adding our church to your list to visit and blog about. Feedback is always good.

Tanya said...

Thanks for the invite, we may have to do that sometime.

Elizabeth said...

Did you end up buying the Candlefuse CD on Sat.? I added their song "Carousel" to my blog playlist, but it's only a 30 second snippet. And now it's in my head and I LOVE it. Is the rest of the CD good? I can't even download it on iTunes. Bummer.

Jules said...

You know the nifty thing about computers? If you click on tiny pictures sometimes they appear REALLY BIG on your screen. he he he
Nice job with the singing. :)

Robin said...

Elizabeth - I was so busy during CrossRock. I forgot to buy a tshirt or CD. We did have the drummer sign a drumstick before he left.

Jules - I am sorry you had to see that. Did you notice the drummer's son sitting next to him? How precious.

Throme said...

You know... I think that is the only picture of me from Crossrock that I've found... Which is funny because I was the guy flinging T-Shirts into the crowd.