Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr. Geek's Triathlon (Part 2)

The Actual Story

See here for Part One - The Background.

(I have been trying to upload some video, that is what has taken me so long. I give up.)

Mr. Geek trains for Triathlons year around. He swims twice a week with the Master's team (This is a dedicated (CRAZY) group of people who swim over 3000 meters starting at 5:30 am!). He rides his bike in the evening when it is light enough and has begun to take spinning classes during the winter. He runs whereever he can fit it in (during the boy's soccer practice, etc.) or when he can talk one of the boys into going for a bike ride (while he runs).

Mr. Geek's Athlete is similarly dedicated ( obsessed). She swims on year around swim team and she run track and field with DASA in the Spring. The team begins training at the beginning of summer.

They start with bike training on mostly level ground. Later they add a short run after the bike. As the race gets closer, they move the bike to hilly neighborhoods to more closely approximate race conditions. The week before the actual Triathalon all the DASA athleetes and their shadows run the entire actual course. This is important, because it is a lake swim and swimming in a lake is much different than swimming laps in a pool. (I will take their word for this)

It was one week before race and word came that Mr. Geek's Athlete would miss the last big practice because she is sick. Later she gets the bad news --- STREP THROAT!! Her mom hopes with enough rest, liquids, and antibiotics, she will not miss the Big Race, but only time will tell.

On the night before the Triathalon, it has still not been decided. Is she strong enough? It is necessary to wait until the last possible moment to decide.

Mr. Geek heads for the Triathlon that morning convinced either he would race or help in the transition area. Middle Geek is tapped as official photographer. (He had a good time, but it started out REALLY early.)

They were calling time for the transition area to be closed and still Mr Geek's Athlete had not arrived. Had she woken up to sick to race, had they had an accident on the way to the race? NO! They were just running late. A did not want to miss the race after training for it all summer. So the team set out, not at 100% physical but with their eye on the prize (finishing).

The swimming and transition went well (I am still trying to get the video uploaded. During the
bike, I am told they hit speeds of over 30 mph (the Tandem is a heavy bike and it flies downhill). Mr. Geek assures me that they were very safe the entire time.

Remember after the biking, you still have a 2 and one half mile run ahead of you. This course is through the neighborhood streets and contains hills. This is the most challenging part of the race. By the end of the run A's head began to ache, either from the fatigue or lingering effects from the strep.

She pushed through it and finished strong.

She finished FIRST in her division, Fifteen minutes ahead of the nearest competitor.


Cheri and Jesse said...

Congratulations, A!!! (And Uncle Kevin as well!!!!! You worked really hard for your achievement, that's awesome!

Maggie May said...

What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations.

Angela Williams Duea said...

Oh my gosh, that's a lot of work. Whew. Congrats, though.