Monday, September 8, 2008


Jules started it. She has a wonderful tribute to the joys of growing up in a houseful of boys. So I feel the need to show you all what can happen when your twelve year old boy "borrows" your camera. (WARNING: Stop eating now!)

Seriously--- Stop Eating!

I uploaded it small. If you have boys at your house, please click on it and you can view it in full gory detail.
You are very Welcome!


Bina said...

Yea, I understand completely, although mine our now 20 & 21, they used to do stuff like this all the time!

Thank God those days are over!

Jules said...

Well drat! The one time i want to enlarge it and click on it........ the dratted thing doesn't enlarge. Drat!
Looks good though. He tok this photos while it was sleeping....... right?

Robin said...

Jules - Why is it the picture of me looking like a dork can be enlarged to larger to life-- but this classic picture stays small?