Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take5 Tuesday

Today’s topics:

5 of your internet annoyances.
1. Spam with embarrassing subject lines like "Solution for your sexual life"
2. Spam with subject lines like "Hi"
3. When Yahoo tells me my email is "unavailable"
4. The fact that Yahoo separated my email accounts so that I have to remember to click each tab

5. Popups for Net Flix - I know NetFlix exists and if I wanted it I would have it, now Go Away!

5 things you’ve watched on TV lately.
(I watched these all last night--I need a life.)
1. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition. They built the dream home for a Virginia National Guardsman that was serving in Iraq. They actually got him home for a visit and yes, his wife cried, his boys cried (I cried).

2. Colbert Report. This is my guarantee laugh each night.

3. Jon & Kate plus Eight. I swear her life is actually easier than mine. Really maybe we should trade places.

4. Feasting on Waves. This is Alton Brown's new series, a sequel to Feasting on Asphalt. How do I get a job like this? Alton, call me! I love the ocean, I love food, I would be perfect.

5. VMA Award (this was on the DVR like the others). The Middle Geek and I fast forwarded to just the musical performances and even of those, he only let me watch a few. ("I hate rap, mom", and "Why are his pants below his butt, that's disgusting." The Middle Geek is such a prude.)

Take5 Tuesday

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Heidi said...

Oh I love Alton! I will make sure I watch it. And I totally love watching Jon & Kate + 8, it makes me feel so much better. Thanks for coming by my site.