Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I am traveling this week, so prayers for Mr. Geek and the children (and me and the airplanes, etc.) I am leaving hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings and lunch meat. I would not be surprised if McDonalds is visited at least once.

Mr Geek, here is the schedule: (Bear with me, I know he reads my blog, but I am not sure he looks at the calendar.)

Monday - LG has drama practice after school, pick up at 4:30
Tuesday - I canceled MG's tutor. LG has soccer practice. Parent-Teacher Conference for LG. (I can't believe I am missing this, I want a full report.)
Wednesday - I don't believe we have anything scheduled. Don't forget to pick me up at the airport.
Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. We will have grilled chicken.
Friday - ?????

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday - Corn Bread Chicken with Cajun Vegetables The chicken was wonderful and will definitely be repeated. It was basically using corn bread mix as a breading for chicken breast and then pan frying. Be sure to either have the chicken fully thawed or after you brown it in a pan, you can put it in the oven to completely cook the inside, or you may get the outside of the chicken too brown. The Cajun Vegetables were not good, so the less said about then the better.

Tuesday - Soccer Practice. Havana Hash with Black Beans and Yellow Rice from saving dinner . Yummy

Wednesday - We went to Chili's for dinner. It was nice, but the Middle Geek had a stomach ache for two days and the Littlest Geek was off also, leading me to believe there was something in the food that did not agree with them (Milk or gluten in the French Fries perhaps?) I did not check as closely as I ususally do. I don't think we will eat there again.

Thursday - The Littlest Geek has Piano, Middle Geek has Soccer Practice. Spaghetti and meatballs in Crock Pot. I also cooked the chicken that I had thawed out for dinner on Wednesday and made what we call at the Geek house - Cut and Throw Pasta. The recipe is as follows: Take everything in your refrigerator or pantry, cook it, add to pasta. We had chicken, zuchinni, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, basil.

Friday - Leftovers.

Saturday - Burgers

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Anonymous said...

Abfab - LG, MG and Mr Geek had Sloppy Joes' at LG's request. Tonight we are have grilled chicken one of the SD frozen dinners with a veg. Tomorrow probably MCD's. Something simple.

Have fun,

Mr. Geek