Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why is AbFab going to New York?

By now all of you know where AbFab is going but how many of you know why.

Okay I won't make you guess.

This week a very important date will occur--

AbFab and Mr. Geek will celebrate their 25th Anniversary!!

I thought the trip to New York was plenty of celebration, but Mr. Geek is still trying to make up for a disastrous "Honeymoon" . (full story soon, I promise) So he and my family decided that there had to be a celebration party. Thus began the work to pull off both a fabulous party and surprise me. (Apparently I am hard to surprise, who me?)

Well here I am entering the party. Tell me- do I look surprised??

I could not believe how many people that were there. (This is truly a scary picture of me but it is accurate in how excited I was to see everyone.)

College Geek was in charge of music and actually found the song from the first dance at our wedding.* Don't we look cute??

* I Love You by the Climax Blues Band

Here is part of the crowd singing the traditional "Paradise By the Dashboard Light". We sing this at every wedding or large celebration. Yes I realize this is a song about underage sex sung by an aging rocker with possible hygiene issues, but it is our tradition. I don't go to your wedding and tell you what song to sing so don't judge.

The dancing, singing, talking, and laughing was terrific oh and did I mention the food-- fabulous! The evening flew by.

Thanks to Cheri and all the rest of my family who worked so hard to put all of this together and who worked even harder to keep this all a secret from me!!


CaJoh said...

My wife's sister had her 25th in Vegas. I will have to have her make a guest post since I could not get away to celebrate and she had to by herself.

Mean Mom said...

What a fantastic surprise for you! How great that people think enough of you to organise all of that. You are a very lucky person.

Cool photos! Glad you had a great time and many congratulations on your 25th!

Sorry about my absence. Had flu and people staying. Not a good combination.

Kathryn said...

Well, happy, happy 25th, Robin to you and Mr. Geek. I must say you have quite a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing. The pictures are adorable. God, Have Fun in NY!

Kathryn said...

Also, it is a SCREAM that you all sing that song!! OMG. Meatloaf. too funny.

Robin said...

Mean Mom - I did miss you, but I saved you a piece of cake.

Cheri and Jesse said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your party so much!!! It was a blast!!! We truly have an amazing family.

Have an AWESOME time in NY. Can't wait to read about your adventures!


Heather said...

Congratulations! That looks like a great party. Have a wonderful time in New York. Can't wait to read about the Honeymoon.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that photo of you cracks me up. That is so you!!! And I love that Mr. Geek has such a great smile on his face in the photos too. He shore does luv you! *wink*
What a fun party. Can't wait to hear about NY!

Damama T said...

Happy anniversary. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and family.