Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Last Post on New York City (probably)

Thirteen More Things We Did in New York City

Believe it or not there are several more things that we did in NYC that I have not yet blogged about. For my sake I want to finish journaling this wonderful trip (for those tired of reading about it, I will move on soon, probably, I mean, yes, I will move back to reality...)

Mr. Geek's Activities - I know some of you are thinking, "Was this trip just all about you, AbFab?" The answer is, well yes of course it was, hah. But don't feel sorry for Mr. Geek you can tell from the pictures he was also having a great time. Mr. Geek also had his own list of things to do in NYC, and he accomplished most of it.

1. Running along the Hudson River . This was recommended by one of the many gracious people we met in NYC. We found that most people were happy to help us find whatever we were looking for and loved to tell us of there personal favorites, not to miss. I had to start writing things down so I would be able to remember them.

2. Running though Central Park. As Mr. Geek was running through Central Park, he noticed several traffic cones. Eventually he saw several runners wearing numbers. There was a race that Saturday morning. He considered just joining in, but by that time he was five miles into his run and did not think he could make it the race distance. (On the list for next trip to NYC, run in a race in Central Park.)

3. Visit a Bike Shop. As I explained to the man in the store trying to sell us something, "Some people come to NYC to visit museums, we visit Bike Shops." We stumbled across This Store in Soho. It was run by a hippie, who apologized that we had missed seeing the "real" New York by thirty years. He did give us to directions to a restaurant "the only one even close to what New York used to be." The restaurant is on the list of things to do on the next visit to NYC.

4. See a ghost bike. Ghost Bikes are memorials designed to honor a person killed while riding and a plea for awareness of community support.

Other Museums

5. Museum of Natural History. I mentioned that we visited this museum, but I left out the highlight which was the planetarium show, Cosmic Collisions.

6. The Tenement Museum . This is a very cool museum that shows the actual homes of the immigrants after they passed through Ellis Island. We took the tour Piecing It Together which included the early "sweat shops" which is when the clothing was made in homes. To think of the family raising four boys (and two girls) in that amount of space was truly unbelievable, because I don't believe that the Middle Geek could have even spent the time for the hour tour confined in that space.

7. Speaking of sweat shops, I tried to find the building where the Triangle Fire Tragedy occurred. This accident has been covered in my safety class and I wanted a picture of the commemorative plaque on a NYU building. Unfortunately it was getting dark about the time Mr. Geek and I passed through here and we must have walked right by it. (One more thing on the list for the next visit.)

8. Chelsea Market We did not luck out into a tour of The Food Network, but we did walk through the market. We walked up to Craft Steak (Tom Cochlicio's Restaurant) and Morimoto's, it would be cool to visit those, maybe our next trip will come with more money that will make visiting these places possible. The highlight of this visit was the "Ask a Chef" table. I went to the table and started more of a "Chat with a Chef". No he could not get us into the foodnetwork studios (worth a try huh?), to eat at CraftSteak, etc it was better to visit during Restaurant Week (two weeks later- yes it is on our list), I wrote down his recommendations for meals at the market, casual dining and more upscale dining. Oh the best, the chef was originally from Jeff City, Missouri.

9. Visit the United Nations Building - The Tour Guide on the Circle Line Tour stated that the United Nations gave tours every day but Sunday. We headed there on Saturday to find..

We did get a picture of this Property Corner Marker (to prove we were Geeks.)

Random Restaurant Reviews (not previously reviewed)

10. Tick Tock Diner I agree with most of these reviews. The restaurant is open 24 hours, which is not as common in NYC as I was led to believe by television. It feels like the diner from Seinfield, that is a plus. The food was good. But the service was borderline non existent. I asked four people for water, we sat forever waiting to order. The only thing that kept us in our seats was the weather outside and optimism. I think it may be the type of place that all tourist should visit though. Later we found an actual diner that real New Yorker's eat at and the service was much much better.

11. Pizza in Time Square. I do not remember the name of the Restaurant/ Bakery that we ate at. I enjoyed the pizza alot. The crust was more like a pastry crust and it was delicious. Unfortunately I was not able to cross off "Eat real NY pizza" from my list.

12. Chelsea Diner - I am pretty sure this is the place. We found this place at the end of a long, cold walking day. The place is pure comfort food. We order baked chicken and Cajun chicken. The portions were very generous (good thing Mr. Geek was starving) and the customers were a great mix from the neighborhood, it was a great spot for people watching.

13. Vice Versa This was recommended by our personal friend and Chef from the Chelsea Market. (He had also recommended Dogmatic, our second favorite restaurant, so we had high hopes.) Short story - don't bother. Longer Story - If you go , order the veal Ravioli (the dish recommended by our Chef) and then go finish your meal elsewhere. Mr. Geek ordered the Price Fixe Menu and the meal was similar to the meal he had eaten at the Chelsea Diner at three time the price. Okay the salad was steps above, but the beef was really pot roast (call it what you want) and it was served unimaginatively with steamed (really plain steamed) broccoli and mashed potatoes. Seriously? And the service, very snooty, it was one of the few places in NYC that we felt unwelcome.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Wow, you guys really packed a lot in!

Maggie May said...

That was a real good, action packed trip!
Good way of writing it all down , from 1-10.
The ghost bikes got to me a bit. Never come across one before.
Thought it was a bit funny when mr Geek got caught up in the runners!

Mean Mom said...

How many days did you stay?? You fitted so much in! Did you sleep, at all?

I don't blame you for making the most of it.