Friday, January 23, 2009

More Stories from the Homefront

Want to know what else happened while AbFab and Mr. Geek were away blissfully unaware of happenings in the Geek House? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here.

We had been promising the Middle Geek that we would repaint his room. He has a new obsession with all things Japanese and wanted to reflect that in his room. Also when the Middle Geek was younger, he had many anger issues. The result of that negative energy was lots and lots of holes in the walls. Finally it occurred to me that it had been ages since he had thrown that level of a tantrum. Therefore it seemed time to patch the walls and seal up that part of his life and start the next phase.

College Geek's friend (obsessed with Japan as much as the Middle Geek) volunteered to come over during Christmas break and paint some Japanese words and murals on his walls. Unfortunately with the busy break that the Geek family had we were barely able to squeeze in the patching of the holes in the walls and no painting was done.

You will now realize how excited I was to visit NYC that I gave College Geek complete control to choose the color of the walls, paint the entire room, paint the murals and restore the room. Yes all of the following occurred while Mr. Geek and I were out of state.

Here is College Geek (I hope) hamming it up for the picture. I like the color blue that he chose.

Here are all four walls. The scale is not right, notice the crane is painted above the light switch. The words are Dream, Harmony and Soul. Dream and the snowscape are over the Middle Geek's bed. He said it worked because that night he had the best dream of his life.

They left his trophy shelf on the wall and painted around it.


Elizabeth said...

I love it!
Man, you are brave to trust your kids like that. Actually, I guess it's not bravery - that's just your personality. You roll with it, and I admire that!

Cheri and Jesse said...

They did a GREAT job! I can't wait to see it next time we are there!!!

CaJoh said...

Tasty color. My wife and I panted our step-son's room after he moved into the basement— we now call it "the blue room".

American in Norway said...

WOW! Can you send the geeks over to my house... have 2 kids rooms I need to do something with.

His room looks awesome!