Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ode to My High School Chemistry Teacher

When I started writing my blog, one one the reasons was to practice writing and to get over my fear of letting others read what I had written. I hadn't written anything that wasn't technical since high school - and tech writing is not exactly riveting to read (or write). I have found a group of bloggers at Mama Kat . Mama Kat gives writing prompts (assignments) and a place to link to your site.

The prompt I chose was: Write a poem to your favorite teacher of all time. Well it has been since high school since I have written a poem (that was not a limerick, I have written lots of these lol). So please please please (I am desperate here) give me some feedback - but be gentle- it's my first time.
Ode to My High School Chemistry Teacher
by AbFab Geek

I was skating by in school
Making A’s pretty easily
Because I was on the college prep track
I signed up for Chemistry
Chemistry followed Biology

Chemistry education was completely different
I loved the blending of science and math
I loved finding the explanation of life
Now I could find out what was occurring on a minute level
Figuratively and literally a whole new world came into focus

I did not know it at the time
But this was my first experience with a geek
A Geek – Someone with a deep interest in a geeky subject
But retains humor and interest in all other things
A cool human being that enjoys learning – my new role model

Through this course and the advance course the following year
I learned the satisfaction that comes from working hard
I learned how to spend hours researching and processing knowledge
I learned what it felt like to really struggle with a subject
I learned it sometimes takes years and years to get it

Do you know the impression you left on students?
Did you enjoy being remembered as the hard teacher?
Did you ever wish for a more glamorous career?
How did you put up with desperate, frustrated students like me?
Where are you now?


Kash said...

That's really sweet. I feel the same way about one of my HS teachers; I don't feel the same way about Chemistry.

Red Thread said...

Thankgoodness for teachers out there that bring life to their classrooms! Thanks for sharing your story.

Mama Kat said...

I love geeks. And your teacher would have hated me...I struggled enough with Earth Science. Chemistry? Forget about it.

CaJoh said...

I always wished there were more math and science teachers who inspired you to think like yours did. Most of mine were pretty boring— perhaps that's why I never got beyond intermediate algebra and earth science.

Heather said...

Your poem is great. I liked Science but not all the hard core Chemistry and Bio II. Sounds like a great teacher.

Cheri and Jesse said...

Great poem. But will never get your love for math and science! BLAH!! I didn't receive that gene. Actually noone in the rest of the family did except you! Hmmmmm.....milkman??

Elizabeth said...

Seriously. How did I get a link at the bottom of the page?
Anyway... I liked your poem. It reminded me of a poem I wrote for my fave AP History teacher while I was STILL in high school. It was more of a joke and the whole class liked it, but your poem made me think of it. I'm a geek too, if I was writing poetry to my teach in school!

Mean Mom said...

Good poem! How come you got to be good at writing and chemistry? I loved english lessons, but was useless at science, particularly physics. I can't remember a teacher that I really liked a lot. Most of them were OK. I can remember a few who were fairly awful, however!

Robin said...

Thank you for your polite comments. I am much more inclined to write poetry for humor, but I thought I would try to go outside my comfort zone. I think I will delete it soon and replace it with an ode to my not favorite teachers.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Very sweet. Teachers are the BEST. Good ones, that is.

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