Friday, January 16, 2009

The Homefront

I know you are thinking, great you and Mr. Geek had lots of fun, whatever. What about the little geeks, it is obvious they did not get to go to New York City. What did you do with them, leave them a dish of water and hope for the best.

Uh, yes, at least the hope for the best anyway. College Geek was still at home and in charge of getting the littler geeks their lunch packed and off to school. Grandma Geek (boy will she hate that title- note to Cheri think of different nickname) came over every evening to provide some stability and make sure dinner was somewhat appropriate- not cookies and chips.

And for those of you who that are tired of hearing about me, me, me, here is a good story about the Littlest Geek.

AbFab: Littlest Geek come down we have to finish your homework before school that we didn't finish last night. (due to D.A.R.E. graduation)

Littlest Geek: You mean this homework. (He is carrying it as he comes downstairs.)

AbFab: Uh...yes. When did you do that?

LG: I am sorry Mom, but I did not want to miss recess.

AbFab: okay....

LG: So I snuck down to the kitchen and took my homework back to my room. Then I remembered College Geek had given me some GloSticks for Christmas. So I used a GloStick and finished my homework. Are you angry?


Kathryn said...


Cheri and Jesse said...

WOW!!! What a smart kid he is. I have to admit when I was younger I snuck out of my room, but I don't think it was EVER to get my homework!!!

Grandma Geek!! That cracked me up just picturing the expression on her face.........definitely have to think of something different!

Throme said...

Its good to see those glow sticks got some use out of them, I was wondering what he would do.

Mean Mom said...

I don't blame him in the least, for wanting to get his homework finished in the evening. Occasionally, I used to finish mine on the bus, on the way to school. It didn't do much for my handwriting!