Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Thirteen Favorite Things I did in New York

1. Avenue Q - This is a very funny show that is best described as Sesame Street for adults or Muppets Gone Wrong. We bought tickets that day and ended up in row E, center- woohoo. Warning - there is full muppet nudity and the next day you will find yourself humming entirely inappropriate songs.

2. Equus - Quite possibly the exact opposite of Avenue Q, this play was a serious look at a young man's (Daniel Radcliffe) time in a mental ward following a horrible crime. Minimally staged and also with nudity and no puppets but men dressed as horses, oh, I think you just have to go see it.

3. My First Time - An off Broadway play about, you guessed it, the first time. There is a website you can visit to read of others experiences or post your own. Many of these narratives have been selected and performed (well read, not performed if you no what I mean, I mean this play actually had no nudity, puppet or otherwise.) The results are both funny and poignant. Before the play the audience is given cards to fill out as to their first time experiences. There were three virgins in the audience that night and the average age for the first time was just over 18 (higher than the national average in the US of just over 15).

4. Purchasing the tickets - even buying our tickets was an adventure. I bought the tickets to Equus and My First Time before we left for New York, but I had to visit the famous TKTS half price ticket stand. We got in line about an hour before the line opened. This gave us lots and lots of time to gawk at the lights in Time Square and meet our fellow line waiters. We met two girls visiting their friend (an au pair) from Germany, a family from the UK and a woman from Brazil. We discussed the Euro dollar exchange rate and found that ipods can be cheap if you are coming from the right country.

Landmarks finally visited (after seeing them all my life on television and in movies.)

5. Statue of Liberty - We saw this from the Circle Line tour. Here is a picture of us before we wimped out from the cold and went inside.

6. Empire State Building

7. Washington Square

8. The Tree at Rockefeller Center

9. Bryant Park - I looked for Tim Gunn, he did not show.

10. Macy's - Santa unfortunately was gone. We did ride all the way up on the escalators and back down again. Can you say tourists?

11. Museum of Natural History and Central Park

12. Grand Central Station - I desperately wanted to make a phone call from there so that the person on the other end of the call could say, "Where are you, it sounds like Grand Central Station?"

13. Union Square - This was extra special because on the day we went there was a farmer's market. We were able to watch a live band. I bought this fantastic scarf from a girl who was sitting there knitting them.

And a block away we ate at our second favorite restaurant - Dogmatic. You see they toast the inside of the bread on these special toasting rods (see them in the background) then they put one of five different homemade sausages into the bun with your choice of sauce.

Yes we made all the appropriate sophomoric jokes and then we went back for seconds. I still have the frequent buyer card harboring the illusion that I might really make it back there.


Maggie May said...

You are so lucky! Looked wonderful and you obviously had a great time.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

WHAT a great trip! Isn't Grand Central Station staggering!?

Cheri and Jesse said...

Can't wait to hear about the sausages!! Guess it's in the genes, but it made me crack up. Guess that makes me "niece geek"??!!

Mean Mom said...

Yes, but did you have a good time, or not? ;0)

I suspect that you had a fantastic time! You certainly fitted everything in. Aren't you exhausted?

Robin said...

Maggie- It was SUCH a good time.

Carrie - There is even shopping and a pretty decent food court!

Cheri - If you visit New York, you MUST eat there. I will let you borrow my frequent eater card.

Mean Mom - After I posted I realized I left out more places that we went. And unfortunately, believe it or not, we missed some things on our list. And yes, we were exhausted.