Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where is AbFab Going?

Okay I can't stand it anymore! Here is what AbFab and Mr. Geek will look like next week!

Yes, I am sure we will look like dorks! But really happy dorks!!!


CaJoh said...

Boy, if they don't get it by this time, they just ain't payin' attention.

Can't wait to hear how your trip was when you return.

chiang01 said...

The only time 'we' have been in NY is when Gail went along with FHN and FZ drama clubs way back when (late-90's I guess). Gail was the only non-teacher adult on the bus, but they had a blast, despite the l-o-n-g bus ride. At least it wasn't a school bus!. Take lots of photos!