Monday, January 12, 2009

The Anniversary Dinner - The Story

Yes, I brought my laptop on vacation with me. Not only could I post pictures of our trip in almost real time, but more importantly, I was not far from my best friend Google. I love google! Why? Well this entire evening started with a google search. I typed in, "What Restaurant in NYC for anniversary dinner?" (Luckily google doesn't check for correct grammar.) Sure enough there was several forums where this exact question had been discussed. One even mentioned he was trying to eat for less than $100, I looked up each of the recommended restaurants, reviews and location. (It is good to be a geek.)

Soon I uncovered Knife and Fork . On the menu was a six course chef's choice tasting menu. We called to see if we could get a table and what the dress was. You see the day had been really rainy all day long and one of the criteria was we wanted the restaurant to be somewhat casual. The man on the phone gave me a reservation and assured me that it was casual. I went to google map and plotted our trip. (Have I mentioned how much I love google.) Two subway rides later (Okay three, we missed our stop with the connection and had to backtrack, oops.) and a few blocks walk and we walked into the place.

The restaurant was very small with a large table in the center. It almost felt like we were entering a private party. (Oh and of course they were all in suits and black dresses, so much for casual.) The waiter greeted us warmly, explained that the group was there for a rehearsal dinner (he was wrong they had actually been married that day). Mr. Geek exclaimed, what a coincidence, they are just getting married and we are celebrating twenty five years of our marriage. They could look at us and see their future! (I am sure he meant it in a good way.)

Soon the waiter brought us two glasses of Champagne and gave one to the bride. He announced that we had a common celebration of marriage, a new one and 25 years of one. The wedding party applauded us, their photographer actually took pictures of us! Everyone at the table toasted us and congratulated us.

Then the food began...

Oh my! First course was Salmon with Wasabi Creme Fraiche and Wasabi Caviar on pickled vegetables. It was indescribable. We had braised pork belly, they always make on Top Chef and now I know why. It was served with several sauces and I considered licking the plate. The only course better was the Duck schnitzel with parsnip puree etc., I did almost embarrass myself with that one. Followed by Creme Brulee. (excuse me , I just need a moment.)

Many of the wedding party were from Ireland. They talked the groom into singing a folk song. The party continued with several more rounds of drink and more folk songs. They asked us several times to make sure they were not bothering us. Bothering us? It was like being part of a wonderful party (and you know how we love parties).

More than one person from the party came up and told us how amazed they were to meet someone that had made it 25 years. They were so happy for us. I am not sure where these guys were hanging out, but it was like Mr. Geek and I were celebrities. When when getting ready to leave we stopped again to congratulate the couple and asked if we could take our picture together to remember the day. They took our picture too, I am not sure how they will explain these pictures to their children. One guy gave Mr. Geek a big bear hug good bye.

The waiter met us as we were putting on our coats and gave us a bottle of champagne that the couple wanted us to have. When we left we promised to meet everyone at that exact place in another 25 years.

Here is Mr. Geek and I with our wonderful waiter and yes I believe I had that stupid grin on all evening long.


Elizabeth said...

What a great, great story! Thank you for including the shot of the creme brulee. Sheesh! What are you doing to me woman?!
I love the photos, and love that you were celebrities and will meet back in 25 years. How cool!
Sounds like an awesome meal, and a wonderful trip.
P.S. I love Google too! How do people survive without it? It's like Tivo, or a king-size bed! Necessities!

Cheri and Jesse said...

What an anniversary dinner you had indeed! That is so unbelievably cool. Can't wait to hear more!!!!

Kathryn said...

How cool is this?! You guys are rocking up there. So glad you got all of these great photos. Your waiter was quite gorgeous by the way.

Mean Mom said...

What a fantastic occasion! You will remember it forever!

I love Google, too. It knows so much!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

What a great story! No accidents! (And you don't have to justify to me, taking a laptop on vacation! Totally get THAT!)