Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Here is a headline appropriate for the day.

University of Central Florida students freak out when they go tech free

For one week — five days — a class of college students was assigned to unplug and live a tech-free life.

The Rules
No cell phones, iPods, portable CD players, text messaging, e-mail, computers, TVs, DVDs, video games.

The Exceptions
Computers and cell phones could be used for work and school. Land-line phones and radios were OK, too.

So how do you think you would do? Would you even try?


Kathryn said...

I would, I would! Pick me! Pick me!

I think it is probably the most important thing to do lest technology gobble up our serenity.

We have to unplug. I email and blog - but I barely watch tv, I use my cell for emergency only. When the computer is turned off, I let out a deep sigh...

I want - no, CRAVE sanctuary. The world runs over us - it's over-use, I think.

Tanya said...

that sounds scary.