Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thirteen Things I bought at the International Food Store

We have many small international grocery stores throughout this area, usually specializing in Mexican, Indian-Pakistani, or Chinese items. However we have one large grocery store that carries, I believe, every food available across the world. It is not very close to my house, so I only get there a few times a year. I mainly like to stock up on flours that are not made with wheat, but I love to wander up and down the aisles and see how other parts of the world eat.

I went to that store yesterday, and I couldn't beleive it, I bought exactly thirteen things. That must be a sign I thought so I will share them with you.

First the various flours and cooking basics.

1. 8 Pounds of Rice Flour

2. Glutinous Rice Flour - This is like Rice starch or Sweet rice flour

3. Gram (Besan) Flour - This is Chickpea flour, not Graham Flour.

4. 5 Pounds Rose Rice

5. Ginger Paste - If you like fresh ginger, this is a nifty short cut.

6. Yellow Split Peas

7. Dried Dark Kidney Beans

8. 6 pound can of Chick Peas

Next I bought a few unusual items that we enjoy.

9. Preserved Mango - Dried Mango rolled in sugar and chilis

10. Wasabi Rice Crackers - Crunchy with a real WOW. they are great fun at parties.

And then there are the items that I bought just out of overwhelming curousity

11. Toasted White Chick Peas - They look a bit like corn nuts.

12. Instant Tapioca/Taro - Tapioca Pearls with instant coconot milk. I made this last night and I threw the Taro away (I am not sure how it should have looked after it was cooked but it didn't really taste very good), drained the pearls and mixed with the coconut milk. It was not a pudding consistency like I thought it would be but tasted really good. (The boys HATED it.)

13. Coffee Agar Mix - Can you believe this: Coffee Jello!

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kay said...

Thanks. Could you tell us next week how to use those items--some sound very interesting.

Happy TT.