Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thirteen Things I tried and couldn't do while my Internet access was down

Yikes, life without the internet was scary this morning. This is what I tried to do this morning only to remember, oh yeah, internet is down (in the order they happened).

1. Check email. Isn't that the first thing we all do?
2. Read all my morning blogs. Hi, how are all of you?
3. Look at picture of house where our company did surveying to finish final report. I had emailed it to transfer it between computers.
4. Find friend's work phone number. It is always in her signature line on every email.
5. Find phone number for restaurant I am planning on meeting friends at next Monday. (What is a phone book?)
6. Look up front page of the newspaper to tell friend the location of a flooded building near her house. I had read the actual "paper" newspaper earlier this morning and I was trying to quote it.
7. Find the heat of vaporization for gasoline. (I am writing an exam for later today.)
8. Look up the story of the rail car accident that was emailed to me the other day. (Would that make an example to use for the exam?)
9. Pay car payment.
10. Renew Libray books.
11. Check and for recaps of Top Chef last night.
12. Read more Blogs, I really miss you all.
13. .... Yeah- the internet is back up!!!


Natalie said...

I hate when the internet goes down. I feel so lost!

Tanya said...

Without the internet, I would be a very sad, bored person.

Maggie May said...

Without internet I would go insane! Spent most of my life without it! How did I manage?

Damama T said...

How ever did we exist BT (before technology)? LOL