Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Day to My Sister

I could not forget my sister's birthday (and remain in the family) so for Thursday, here are Thirteen things about my sister, Chris.

1. She is the proud mother of three and Grandmother of six and 1/2 (Baby due in the fall). One granddaughter is even named for her.

2. When I was born, she was the sister that was glad I was born. (I have the letters that were written to my mom while she was in the hospital as proof.) My other sister wanted a brother or maybe a puppy, my brother just wanted a punching dummy (see below).

3. My sister learned that she could hang out almost anywhere while she was in high school if she took along her baby sister (that's me). So I got to go several high school parties and activities, woohoo.

4. She has always looked young for her age (a blessing now of course). When she was pregnant with her first son she looked so young, my dad refused to go to the mall with her because of all the nasty looks he received from other shoppers.

5. She regularly mixes metaphors and twists sayings so much that we have dubbed these as "Chrisisms".

6. One of her marks of distinction is everyplace she has every worked has gone out of business. (Except were she is working right this minute, cross your fingers)

7. Without any hesitation (or invitation) she and my other sister will sit down at any piano and perform a rousing edition of Heart and Soul.

8. Just to show how much I trust her as a big sister, I allowed her to perform her very first blood draw on ME!

9. She has inadvertently flashed every adult male in the family. (Mr. Geek pointed this out.)

10. I only wish I had a picture of her "comfortable" clothes. (I am searching Chris, be very afraid) that consists of striped socks to her knees, Lycra pants and OLD T-shirt.

Chris is FAMOUS for her food likes and dislikes.

11. She does not like her food to touch. Ever. I mean it. Ever. Just go ahead and get her an extra plate already.

12. She hates nuts, all nuts, yes every single one, except those on Turtle sundaes which she has decided are not really nuts because you KNOW she HATES nuts.

13. Anyone who knows Chris, even virtual strangers, know that she has an EXTREME adversion to cheese sauce that fast food restaurants put on nachos, cheese fries etc. She considers this "Throw up Cheese" and will not hesitate to tell you so.

Too bad I have to stop at Thirteen.

Happy Birthday to my MUCH older Sister!!


Kalynne Pudner said...

I asked if I could adopt your brother...I want to ask Chris to adopt ME!

Heather said...

Your sister sounds wonderful and fun. Happy birthday to her!

Cheri and Jesse said...

That had me cracking up laughing. She's coming over for dinner tonight, maybe I'll go to Taco Bell and ask for cups of "throw up cheese" and she can pour it on her pork tenderloin. lol YUM!! bet she'd love that. Robin, do you know that I've looked long and hard for some pictures of her "famous" outfits and couldn't find ANY. I promise that I will take some of her this summer for YOU to post. (Wonder where those ELECTRIC blue spandex went, how cool would it be if we could find those for her again. Happy birthday, Mom!!!

PS. Check my blog out for recent pics.

chris said...

Thank you my baby sister who is 10 years younger than me. I think I will tell mom to send you back to the hospital. Ha Ha, No just kidding. I'll keep you, but I want you to know, you will never find those pictures you are looking for, cause I hid them in a very secret place.

Jenny said...

happy birthday sister of you! :D

Mabunny said...

Happy Birthday toyur sister:)) She sounds like a fun gal.
This is my first time to your blog Robin and I apologize for not visiting sooner. Thank you for posting an entry on my blog for funniest wedding story contest. Stop by to see who won. Sorry it wasn't you though, your story was great.
Will stop back by when I have more time to read.
Take care and have a great weekend!

Bina said...

She sounds like a VERY interesting woman! Someone I would definitely love to meet!

Happy Birthday Chris!