Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Our family tradition has always been Pancakes for breakfast on Sunday Morning.

When our family switched to GFCF and (even more difficult) egg free, pancakes were our biggest challenge. I say challenge because you have never seen anything like two engineers in a kitchen full of ingredients and recipes. (Try making the pancake thinner and turn up the heat. Hmmm, now try cooking it more slowly. What about more baking powder?) When we found the successful combination obsevers might have thought that our favorite team had hit a home run, actually it was a home run and a touch down all in one with high fives flying all around.

You want to know the secret, don't you? You know you do...

Okay we settled on the Pancake and Waffle recipe in this book. There may be newer cookbooks that are great, but this is our go-to book.
Here are our modifications-- we add 2 cups of buckwheat flour or sorghum flour to the dry pancake mix. To replace the egg, we use ground flax seed mixed with water, heated until it becomes the consistency of raw egg (eeww).

The pancakes are cooked on a nonstick skillet at a much lower heat than conventional pancakes.And the results.



Kalynne Pudner said...

Two engineers in a kitchen? That boggles my little liberal-artsy mind. I've seen what one student engineer can do (search my blog for "bechamel," if you like).

But I have a friend who's just been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, so I'm definitely passing on the name of your cookbook!

Heather said...

Good work! Way to tackle another favorite meal. Speaking of engineers in the kitchen, have you ever checked out the Cooking for Engineers blog?

Cheri and Jesse said...

Can you put blueberries in mine please? Looks GREAT!


Robin said...

Kalynne- When you have two engineers in a kitchen, they start throwing around words like thixotropic. It's not pretty.

Heather - Cooking and engineer are two of my favorite things. I was kind of sad that someone thought to combine them before I did.

Cheri - Come over on a Sunday, and there will be blueberry pancakes for you.

Tanya said...

Those look at lot better than my mom's first GFCF pancakes. Hers were rather thin. We however could never live without eggs.

Damama T said...

Well, the LOOK good, so that's 50% of the battle won right there! ;O)