Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday is a Day of Rest?!!?

What did we do on Sunday? Well thanks for asking...

First out of the door was Mr. Geek on his way to the Half Marathon.

It was his first time and he ended up with a respectable time of just over two hours. What is even more incredible is he made it to spinning class at 5am the next morning! Yikes!

Not to be outdone, I was next out the door for a 7:30 am (!!!) band practice.

After Church (where the band played) and Lunch, it was time for the children's activities.

The youngest went horseback riding.

While the middle son had a soccer game..

Followed by youth band practice and youth group.

And how was your Sunday?
(Note: These are not actual photographs from Sunday, because my camera is broken. AAAARGH! I pulled these from the archives.)


Tanya said...

That sounds like a crazy-busy weekend. I hope someone in-between all that you managed a nap or three.

Heather said...

Yes, our Sunday is rarely restful. Yours looked fun, if not restful.

Bina said...

What a great day! Man, your husband is some kinda man to go spinning the morning after! Geez!

And I would have loved to go horse back riding, but I got LOTS of outdoor work done Sunday, such as mowing, weeding, cleaning out the garage, and pressure washing the rest of the deck and some of the fence. I got burned, but I LOVED it!

Kathryn said...

That makes me tired, just thinking about it! I love that you can do so much, though, and it's all good for the spirit.

I hope someone cooked you a meal, even if it was takeout!

Maggie May said...

We usually go to Church but this week I had the 4 grandchildren. 2 of them live with me & the other 2 come from a long way & spent several nights. We had a hectic time but real good fun & we were not up & ready for church so just sat slovenly & talked & watched videos & children's TV!
Good for your husband doing the half marathon!

Robin said...

Tanya - No nap, I'll pencil that in for next Sunday.

Heather - I won't lie, it was a fun day.

Bina - Finally the weather cooperated and it was fun to be outside. Yeah for Spring.

Kathryn - What did I have for dinner? Oh yeah, frozen taquitos. That's sort of like take out, right?

Damama T said...

I miss those days. Now that we have not kids at home we just play 20 questions:
What do you want to do.
I don't know. What do you want to do.
I don't know. What do you want to do.
I don't know...
Enjoy the busyness while it lasts. ;o)

Greg C said...

My Sunday was great. I worked in the garden all day. I ran two half marathons and did quite well. I am planning on getting into shape and running another this year. Wish me luck.

I see you are into engineering and safety. I had a letter on safety published in a technical manual. I am very proud of that.