Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake and Bake

Wow, this morning we were woke up by an earthquake. Those of you in California are probably thinking, "What wimps!", well you probably are right. This is how we handle an earthquake in my house:

Me (feeling the bed shake, grouchily): WHAT are you DOING?

Mr. Geek : It's four thirty. (That explains THAT.)

Then he goes and stands in the door way, alone. I stayed in bed wondering, what did he do to make the bed shake so badly that it didn't stop even when he was gone.

Midwesterns are not good at handling earthquakes.

Here is some random information about my week.

There was much interest in my post on Sunday Dinner, so I decided to take more pictures of our food. I rely completely on freezer meals that I make once a month, freeze and pull out each day for dinner. Saving Dinner is the best, it includes a shopping list and all the recipes. Sometimes even when the recipes don't sound like something we would like, we are pleasantly surprised with a great meal. This meal was one of those. The dinner was Chicken with Apples and Leeks, which reminded me of Kalynne's Week of Leeks . No final picture, but it was so good there were no leftovers.

Tonight is a Lock-In for the Youth at church. Wish me luck. We have so much fun stuff planned - Sand volleyball, two bands are playing, and we are going to play Nerf Dart Tag, a game I stole from Drewpy Drew . (Actually he sent me the directions).

Have a GREAT weekend!


Tanya said...

I felt it too. We weren't much better. We thought it could be an earthquake, but we had to rule out every other possibility first.

Kathryn said...

MAN, the earthquake, was it freaky or what? Have you ever felt one? We had one in Tennessee one time. The TV (which was on wheels at the time, that's how old I am) started rolling toward me and my parents and their friend's coffee cups slid off the table! It was odd.

Thanks for the recipes, I can really use this info.

I loved your husband's answer of "4:30" I guess logic flies out the window at that point.

Heather said...

It's hard to focus at 4:30 when the house is shaking and there is noise and the last thing you'd think is earthquake. I thought a tree fell or a pipe burst or something. Then I said to John that maybe it was an earthquake. We couldn't sleep after that so got up and turned on the news. Sure enough. Glad it wasn't the New Madrid!

OHmommy said...

Have fun in your lock-in!!!

Saw the quake on the news! Wowzers

Bina said...

Freezer meals that you make once a month? Okay, I have questions.

How many people do you cook for?

How long does it take to prepair a month's worth of food?

Does it taste okay after you thaw it?

Robin said...

Tanya - A possible earthquake was way down on my list also.

Kathryn - I remember a few small earthquakes as I was growing up, but this was the largest in a long time.

Heather - I thought about turning on the news and fell back asleep while I was thinking about it.

OhMommy - I've got pictures of the lock in, I know you wish you were there. ;)

Bina - It takes me 3-4 hours to assemble the meals, not including shopping. I make everyone leave the house during this time. I cook for 4 to 5 people depending on if my oldest is home from college. The good thing about these recipes is that I can adjust and add more meat the meals I know my family will pig out on, like meatballs and spaghetti.

Most of the meals are not cooked before hand, so the actual cooking is right before you eat them. I have already repeated most of the recipes, so we really like them.