Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Brother

My brother lives in a place where he still has dial-up (the horror) so I doubt he reads my blog, so I have free reign to say ANYTHING in honor of this day.


My brother can do anything, he raises Bees for honey, he makes his own wine (both are very yummy.)
He raises and trains dogs for search and rescue.
He was a volunteer fire fighter and was captain.


He spent much of my younger years (at least it felt like years) trying to twist my arm to touch the back of my head.

He used to pratice this wresting move over and over in which he tossed me over his head. (I guess I did learn how to take a fall.)

The UGLY (Nobody knows your secrets like a little sister, heh heh heh)

Once I found that he had taken earthworms and tied them to little sticks so they baked in the sun. I was convinced he was going to be a serial murderer. (I am pretty sure he is not.)

He used to eat Cambell's Condensed Vegetable Soup RIGHT FROM THE CAN and leave the dirty empy can inhis room until it was moldy, eewwwww.

I TOLD you someday, I would get even--- SO THERE!!!
Happy Birthday!


Heather said...

He might go out and get wireless, just to get you back on your birthday. Happy birthday to your brother.

Kalynne Pudner said...

Man, what a good kid! Can I adopt him? Tell him we have DSL.

Cheri and Jesse said...

The joys of having brothers. At least he's outgrown a lot of it!?!?! I thought he had high speed? Guess not. Grandma was the one that made sure I checked your blog tonight......she told me how cute it was......I guess Donnie will know too then. =) Cute post. Happy Birthday, Uncle Donnie!


Jules said...

Don't ya just love technology? And brother's of course. Gotta love them too.
Happy birthday to yours, by the way!

Bina said...

Ha Ha! How funny is that? An earthworm killer, huh? I guess he's made up for it by training dogs and being a fire fighter!

Happy Birthday Brother!

chris said...

You forgot, He also gives us air conditioning in 105 degrees on the day it breaks. And had to grow up with three sisters that can talk faster than a speeding train.
Look at it this way he gave you alot of experience in self defense for free, Ha Ha.
Happy Birthday Donny!