Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


This Week
Monday - Ginger Chicken Breast with Chinese Cole Slaw
Tuesday - Caribean Steak

Wednesday - South African Chicken

Thursday - Paprika Pork Chops (Chicken) with Corn Relist

Friday - Fried Chicken (postponed from last week)

Last week - What really happened.

Monday - Marinated Beef Kabob with Wasabi Sauce - We had this on the grill and even though we had to eat it quickly because we had a SwimMeet that night, OMG, it was yummy. Changes from recipe - I made the marinade with mayo instead of yogurt to make the meal GFCF. I put onion on the skewer with the meat instead of Cherry tomatoes. To make the Wasabi Dip, I mixed Wasabi powder with sour cream since I figured the boys wouldn't eat it anyway.

Tuesday - Galicky Garbanzos, Broccoli and Pasta -This was a recipe that did not excite me at all reading it but the finished product was worthwhile. It is basically a combination of chopped brocolli, garbanzo beans and pasta. I added some tomato sauce. The big surprise was how the Middle Geek shoveled it in. I quote, "Mom it has everything I like, brocolli, butts and noodles." Yes he calls Garbanzo Beans - butts, Go look at one and I think you will understand why.

Wednesday - We had hamburgers (I didn't feel like cooking)

Thursday - Tex-Mex Chicken Wrap I made this in the crock pot, it was good and made good leftovers.

Friday - I was home alone for dinner. I found a steak in the freezer and threw it on the grill. I ate just that, no veggies (don't tell anyone). I followed it up with homemade Chocolate Chip Coffee Ice Cream. (Mr. Geek made this Ice Cream and it deserves a post all on its own.)

Saturday - Just me and Middle Geek, he had Chili and I had a Chili Cheeseburger.

Sunday - I made Lasagna for my Mom's Birthday Party (the actual day is later this week). It must good cause I didn't have any leftovers (or maybe I didn't make enough).


Bina said...

Those kabobs sound so good!!!!!!! I don't ever put tomatos on mine, but I do put onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and pineapple!

Cheri and Jesse said...

I have to tell you that your lasagna was AWESOME!!!! I have tried to make a weekly menu and fail at following it. Usually when I make the menu it sounds good and then I get to that day and it doesn't sound good at all. Any tips to sticking to the menu? I'm sure it helps the family budget doing it this way!

Mean Mom said...

Menus sound good. I'm flying over. You'll never notice one extra.

Robin said...

Bina -I love onions and mushrooms and I hate green peppers. I like tomatoes on the grill but I think if you put them on the same skewer as the meat they get WAY over done.

Cheri - I think the trick is to commit to the meal early in the day before you are hungry. If it is a crock pot meal, start it after breakfast. If it is from the freezer, get it out thawing. Do any prep you can like slicing and dicing ahead of time. Then when it comes time to cook, you can go on autopilot.

Mean Mom - Come over anytime. In the chaos of my house I might not even notice you, so be sure to introduce yourself.

kamailesfood said...

lol...I think it's hilarious that you posted what you really ate the week before. Nice touch. :) You have a very diverse menu. I like it.