Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take5 Tuesday

5 things that people are always surprised to find out about you.
1. I am an engineer (I think it obvious, but some people are still surpised.)
2. I am the youngest of my family (That is because I am so responsible and unspoiled)
3. Two of my children are adopted -- because through God's plan (or private joke) they look just like me.
4. I dye my hair (or have someone else do it).
5. I have a PhD (and I am so normal ---I AM TOO!)

Did anything surprise you?

5 of your earliest memories.
1. Running away from home on my tricycle.
2. Mudball wars with the neighborhood kids
3. Going with my sisters to the school's Summer Program. They were planning on lying about my age to get me in, but when the lady asked how old I was, I held up five fingers. (They had told me not to speak.)
4. Going to the highschool Funfair with my oldest sister where I learned how to talk high school boys out of the stuffed animals that they had won. (Hey it was easier than actually winning them.)
5. Christmas at my grandma's, when all of the cousins would go downstairs and play all night. The floor was tiled with all different colors of tile (probably whatever my Grandpa had found) and we would create games using these different colors (like tag where all red tiles are base.)

5 things you would never do.
1. A backflip
2. Walk a tightrope
3. Wear a bikini in public
4. Go deer hunting
5. Roll in poison ivy

What about you?

Take5 Tuesday


Bina said...

I love these! And wow, your kids are adopted and look like you? I would definitely say God's plan!

Okay, five things I would never do:

1) Intentionally hurt someone
2) Cheat on my husband (or #1 I guess)
3) Neglect my children
4) Allow bugs in my house!
5) Sing in public

There isn't a lot I WOULDN'T do I guess. That was harder than I thought!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love the lists! I would never do any of those things, either!

Jules said...

Oh Robin! These are way too funny.
So how far did you make it on your tricycle? Did you get in to the Summer Program? And how many stuffed animals did you acquire?

Elizabeth said...

Nothing surprised me in the "surprise" part. :)

I would never:
1) Wear a bikini, but I WOULD go naked. Isn't that weird?
2) Dance by myself in public.

Man. This is way too hard. I quit.

Robin said...

Bina - I love to sing in public and I just had the catepiller that we brought in from the garden turn into a butterfly. I do agree with the others on your list though.

Jules - I think I got a couple houses away which was pretty far on the busy street we lived on. But no one missed me and I had to turn back. I did not make it to the Summer program until I was seven (the correct age), but I never liked it as much as my sisters did. I remember bringing home a pile of stuffed animals (I am not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.)

Elizabeth - These were hard. I am not sure about being naked in public, but I agree wearing a bikini sounds worse for some weird reason.