Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take Five on Tuesday

NOTE: My laptop is very sick. I have so many pictures and stories to blog about and I can't do it until it feels better. So here is something I did to keep me busy.

5 things you collect.

Cardinals - The bird , not the team --Statues and pictures
Cookie Jars in the shape of buildings
Books (even if I am not trying, I love books)
Safety Stories (especially stories where things go wrong)
Brooches - I love old and interesting pins.

5 things about your hair.

It is brown (it is too! most of the time)
It gets lighter when I spend time in the sun
It is short
It gets frizzy when it rains
I have had it cut by the same person for almost twenty years

5 of your favorite summer foods

Corn on the cob
BBQ ribs
BBQ porksteaks
Homegrown tomatoes
(Oh I am so hungry now!!)

What about you?!?!

Take5 Tuesday


Heather said...

Same with me on books - not a purposeful collection. I have a small rock/mineral collection and that's about it. My hair used to be stick straight until I had kids - now it is wavy especially when it's humid. Ditto on the summer food. I also love nectarines.

Bina said...

I LOVE books, but since school has been out, I haven't had time to read.

I RARELY get my hair cut. Sometimes I just trim it myself. No one has EVER cut it the way I wanted, and so many people say they can cut curly hair, and then I find out they can't. Mine is light brown, but turns almost blonde in the summer. I HATE that!

I don't collect anything. I never have and I'm not sure why. Okay, if animals count, I collect them! LOL

Oh, fav food.

BBQ Chicken
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Grilled Steak!

Cheri and Jesse said...

5 things I collect

Precious Moments

5 Things about my hair
I found my first gray hair at like 24
I have kinky, dry hair like my dad
My mom is jealous of how thick my hair is, sorry mom
My hair has been colored since I was about 19
I can ALWAYS find bunches of split ends throughout my hair!

5 Fave Summer foods
Homegrown Tomatoes (BLT's!!! Yummy)
Since I can only list five, does "anything that is BBQ'd count?
Corn on the Cob
Grandma's cucumber salad
Fresh Fruit

chris said...

*magnets from diff states
*Barbies from garage sales
*It is not brown, it's blond w/brown streaks
*I wore it long most of my life
*It is now short
*It gets straiter when it rains
Summer foods
*steak, always
*bbq ribs
*chicken, anyway
*corn on cob
*fresh greenbeans & tomatoes

Jules said...

Chocolate. That would feature way up on my list of "likes".
And books...... my house is filled with them. Can't walk into a room and not trip over a pile of ten.
And hair? Curly (hate it at times) blond, longish and has a mind of it's own!
Like your new picture by the way!