Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten Memorable Vacation Moments

UPDATE: I knew I did this too quickly and I was leaving something out. I forgot two awesome vacations.

Bicycling through Door County, Wisconsin. This was with a tour group, so our luggage was transported to the next motel or Bed and Breakfast each day. We biked to lighthouses, crossed over to Washington Island, and ended up talking the captain of a minesweeper into giving us a tour of the ship in Sturgeon Bay.

Driving back from Los Angeles to St. Louis. We took a week and tried to see as much of the country as we could. We headed up first towards San Francisco and saw the Monterrey Aquarium and went on 17-mile drive in Pebble Beach. We saw the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest in Arizona. We spent a few days in Albuquerque and drove to Sante Fe and Taos.

1. Riding in the car with my Mom, Aunts, sisters and cousins singing every obnoxious song we knew(like Grannie, Swingin' on the Outhouse Door and In The Little Red Schoolhouse) and verse after verse of "Oh you can't get to heaven".

2. With the same people, maybe on the same trip (?), stopping on the road next to a farmer's field to take some corn for dinner that night. Who knew farmers keep their sweet corn closer to home?

3. Playing all day long in the streams on Johnson Shut-Ins by myself. Where was my parental supervision?

4. Learning to sail a boat on Kentucky Lake.

5. Searching store after store in Branson to find the perfect souvenir t-shirt and moccasins.

6. My senior trip to Disney World. My first time on a plane, my first vacation with no parents.

7. My first trip into the bush in Canada. It was right after we were married and pure HELL. Someday I will give you all the details. (The directions said memorable not pleasant.)

8. Visiting Disney World with my entire family. After studying the guide books, my sister was able to lead us through without hardly standing in any line.

9. Going to South Padre Island after Mr. Geek came home from Desert Storm. College Geek was just two and we spent all day laying on the beach and doing nothing.

10. St. Petersburg, Florida with my entire family. My Mom rented us condos as a Christmas present one year. Almost everyone was able to make it (that's alot of people including by brother and sisters, their kids, and their kid's kids).

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Maggie May said...

I remember making daisy chains with my two year old son on a bright summer day and thinking to my self that I would never forget that moment and I haven't!

pjd said...

We used to sing in the car, too. We played a game where someone would pick a word like "love" or "sausage," and then we'd each take turns trying to sing a verse from a song that contained the word. Some words (love) were easier than others (sausage). :-)

Nino said...

Learning to sail's gotta be great... good list.

chris said...

Gosh, I wish mom would take us on another vacation, they sure are fun. Oh, I forgot that we are going on a gambling trip in November, this should also be memorable, maybe like our Las Vegas trip? Theresa wants us to write down the words to all our songs before we go on the bus, think that is possible?
Your sister.

Robin said...

Oh No! The Vegas Trip, how did I forget that? We played at the $3 Craps table for hours. We were so overjoyed at winning $3 dollars that our yelling gathered a huge crowd (at a empty table before we arrived) and those people were throwing down hundred dollar bills. By the end, we knew everyone in the casino's name, they gave us free hats and made sure the cocktail waitress was always available. And don't even get me started about the food buffets and my mom's search for Buy One get One Free coupons...

Anonymous said...

There have been some pretty awsome vacations. I am really sorry about the first Canada Trip. I will make it up to you.


Mr. Geek

Tuppence said...

As I was remembering stuff for my list, I was wondering the same thing about where the parental supervision was when we were on vacations when I was a kid. I guess it just wasn't as much of a worry back then as it is now.

Dawn said...

The bike tour through Door County would be pretty nice. Well, if I liked exercise. :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like some fun vacations!

I played too :)

Joyce said...

Sounds like you had some great times, as well as the memorable, miserable time. :(

Here's mine:

Debbie said...

St. Pete beach is nice isn't it?

Love the geek references, lol