Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Menu Plan


Monday - Too much going on tonight, hot dogs? leftovers?
Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday - Mexican Beef
Thursday - Crock Goulash
Friday - Pizza and Chicken Wings - Caribbean Jerk Chicken

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday - Ginger Chicken Breast with Chinese Cole Slaw -This was Delicious

Tuesday - Caribbean Steak - It was meet the teacher night for the Littlest Geek. I used the leftovers from the Lasagna (spelled lizana by the Littlest Geek - isn't that adorable) to make Unstructured Lasagna and we ate the steak late as a "snack".

Wednesday - South African Chicken - Sometimes the meals from Saving Dinner don't work, and this was one that didn't. It called for way too many onions, which Mr. Geek (yes Mr. Geek cooked that night) reduced and it was still way too many.

Thursday - Paprika Pork Chops (Chicken) with Corn Relish - This was yummy. My changes to the recipe were to coat the chicken with paprika and rice flour before pan frying.

Friday - Fried Chicken (postponed from last week) - This was my birthday present from my sister. She makes the BEST fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cream gravy. I am hungry again just thinking about it.

Saturday - We went to a Mexican restaurant were friend of our were playing in a band. The music was great, the food okay. I was a bit aggravated, after I told the waitress very clearly, "Bring the hamburger, just the meat, no bun, completely plain." Of course it came on a bun and when I sent it back, they took it off the bun and redelivered it. (There were pieces of bun still stuck to it.) I took it back to the kitchen myself, told them my son was going to throw up all over their dining room, if they didn't get me a new burger directly off the grill. (I added some pantomine to make up for the language barrier.) I tried to be polite but firm (calm, assertive) who know what they did to the second burger, but at least he did not get sick.

Sunday - Leftovers


Bina said...

Wow! Your son really doesn't like the bun, huh???? Is he allergic??

Man you make some good food. I don't get the caribean chicken though. I need to look that up, and girl, I LOVE me some fried chicken. I make it pretty darn good, but my ex? He is from Hawaii and he makes the BEST damn fried chicken I have EVER had!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

i'm new here...

so you use Saving do you like it overall? i was thinking of doing the 6 o'clock scramble where you do it all online for $5 a mo or so and they even get your grocery list in order.

i'd love to know your thoughts and what is working or not working. :-)

Robin said...

Bina - My son can't have gluten which is in wheat - not even a little bit. What is your ex's secret with fried chicken? Do you know?

Elizabeth - I love SavingDinner. The first page is a shopping list which I go through and mark what I need from the grocery store. Sometime I can get away with spending less than $30 a week, depending on what I am stocked up on. I get in and out of the grocery in minutes and I always have what I need for the planned recipe (I sound like an ad huh?) Sometime instead of the weekly meals I get the Mega Freezer meal. It is great feeling to know you have thirty meals ready to go at anytime.

Damama T said...

I love that you fess up about what really happened to your menu plans. I'm not nearly well organized enough to plan menus let alone recap the ensuing fiascos weekly! LOL!