Friday, July 11, 2008

Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday gives the opportunity to tell the story behind a photo. For my first photo Friday, I am reusing a popular photo from a Wordless Wednesday because anyone who knows me knows I can't stay wordless for long.

Toward the end of the school year things become very hectic and overscheduled (that is saying a alot in this house where we keep very busy). The are end of year concerts and big end of year school field trips and end of year award programs and end of year Drama Productions (you get the picture). This coincides of course with the end of my work schedule as I know it. Because I work for myself (and Mr. Geek) I have alot of flexibility of when and where I work. I have found that I prefer to work at the office during normal working hours (who knew?). But when everyone is home from school I work whenever and where ever I can. (Today I am at the kitchen counter.)

So two days before one of the Supersized Days, I get a reminder call, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. I made this appointment at the end of my last appointment eight weeks ago when the end of school was far off in the distance. (One more aside, I do not pamper myself much, but I live for these days.) So do I cancel my appointment and fulfill my duties as a mother --of course I do. What kind of question is that?

And then the biggest son came home from college. Let's see, what should I call him. Oldest Geek is really Mr. Geek and Biggest Geek is just redundant. I know, we will call him
College Geek. So I mention to the Littlest Geek, "What if College Geek came to your field day instead of me?" (So when he got upset, I could say, I was only asking, "What if?") At this point instead of getting upset, he jumped up and down, "Really! He can come to my field day?!!!"

Well at least I found out where I rate in the family AND I was able to get my hair cut that day.

So what about the picture? This is a picture of College Geek demonstrating one of the games. Again, better him than me. He was so happy, because all the kids thought he was cool and some of his old teachers remembered him. And no one missed me!

PhotoStory Friday
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Working mum said...

Kids never say what you think they will, do they? Looks like College Geek enjoyed himself though!

Cecily R said...

Now THAT is a great solution!! I bet it was fabulous for both of your Geek offspring!

Love the picture. I bet staying wordless was hard (I rarely manage it myself, which is why I came up with PSF in the first place) with that one!!

Great PSF entry! I hope you come back again next week!

carrie & troy keiser said...

That's pretty funny! Good sub for you to get a little pampering!

Kalynne Pudner said...

Your College Geek ROCKS! Mine would never, ever consent to go, and if conscripted, would stand against a wall, glowering forbiddingly, the entire time.

Jules said...

I'm sure it was just a temporary bump from head queen/first place to a lower ranking. Be strong..... and go in for a little more pampering while you've go the time. :)

Robin said...

Working Mum - I should stop trying to predict how my children are going to react.

Cecily - Thanks for the idea of PSF, I love to hear the background of pictures.

Carrie - Thanks for visiting, I don't get much pampering but I do love it.

Kalynne - College Geek is a good kid (He reads here sometimes) haha
He loves playing with kids and is a camp counselor this summer. Can you believe I did not think of this solution from the beginning?

Jules - Make no mistake, I am still the Queen! (With three boys it the title is the one thing no one is fighting over.)

Kash said...

Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your comments. By the way I love geeks! I've always surrounded myself by geeky men and they are the best!