Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Menu Plan


Monday - The last Swim meet of the Summer! I think I will cook Beef Burgundy in the crockpot.
Tuesday - Horseback Riding for the boys so hmmmm Sandwiches maybe. Maybe McDonalds.
Wednesday - Thai Chicken Sir Fry (Swim Team Party and Band Practice)
Thursday - Meat Crock Loaf (Mr. Geek will be late - triathalon training and the boys love meatloaf)
Friday - Beef Skewers with Pineapple-Jalapeno Sauce

What Really Happened Last Week

Monday - I was right, it was way to busy to cook, but hot dogs at the swim meet were less than satisfying. Next Monday I will have to think of another plan.

Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas - Yummy. I used a sweet red pepper, Poblano and fresh jalapeno pepper instead green peppers. I had some guacaomole-salsa verde from Trader Joes to go with it. I served this with refried beans and corn on the cob.

Wednesday - Crock Goulash - I made this with Chicken Thighs in the crock pot. I find that boneless thighs hold up much better in the crockpot versus chicken breasts which seem to dry up. The recipe called for shredded red cabbage which I found at Trader Joes for $1.49, So this was also an economic meal. (swim practice and a meeting at church made this a hectic night, perfect for a crockpot meal)

Thursday - Stir Fry Mexican Beef - I make this with Sirloin that I buy at Costco. I think their beef is the best. This recipe stretches the beef quite a way. I served this with Rice.

Friday - Mango BBQ Chicken - The mango BBQ sauce was just okay. However using some of the sauce as a marinade made some yummy grilled chicken. I served this with Jasmine rice, green beans and a salad.

Saturday - We went to a graduation party. (Good Job SARAH!!) The food there was great. I brough chicken wings and hot dogs for the littler geeks (they have food allergies, so generally we always bring their food)

Sunday - Leftovers


Kalynne Pudner said...

Hey, this is really inspiring! Thanks! Do you have any recipes that can be made with just celery, beef bouillon cubes, tortillas and tuna?

Guess I'd better get myself to Sam's today.

Robin said...

You have the makings of a tuna salad wrap. All you need is something
creamy to tie it together, mayo, sour cream or yogurt. I would leave
out the beef boullion, you will need that for soup tomorrow (with the
leftover celery leaves.)

Groovy Mom said...

Do you have a recipe for that Thai chicken stirfry? Yum!

holly said...

you are way cooler than i am. this is more cooking than i do in a month.

Robin said...

Groovy Mom - Thanks for visiting. I will have to see how the recipe comes together before I post (I don't always follow exactly). Look at the Chicken Curry on June 16. It was really terrific.

Holly - I have visited you blog and I know you are way cooler than I will ever be.