Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten Things I Do Well

The Tuesday Ten subject is to write ten things that I do well. It was tough to do, I could tell you ten things I do wrong much faster (without help from my family, thank you very much.) But I love a challenge, so here’s what I have come up with.

1. I read very fast.

2. I can multitask and concentrate on many things at one time, watch TV, play sudoku…

3. I can hyperfocus. This worked well for me when I was an engineering student, I could immerse myself into a problem set and emerge hours later. I can still find that zone sometimes. Once I was working on a new lecture series so I went to the office for some quiet. Mr. Geek called to check on me, I am doing fine and getting a lot done so I said I probably will work for another hour so the family should eat dinner without me. I hung up the phone, continued my work when the phone rang. (How does he expect me to get any work done if he keeps calling me, I thought) “What?!” I asked exasperated. “Are you coming home tonight?” he asked. "What?! What time is it?" Four hours had passed. Whoa.

4. I like to tell real world examples of engineering principles. I swear this can be a good thing, especially when I am teaching.

Now in the world of food and cooking:

5. I am not afraid to try new and different recipes. I tried a new recipe for Mother’s Day that even I thought was a bit out there. People went back for seconds, it was yummy.

6. I am not afraid to eat new foods. My favorite part of Grad school was the Christmas parties in which everyone brought food to share. Most of the grad students were from China or India and there were several from the MidEast and Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Thailand). It was a huge international buffet. At first everyone hung back a bit afraid of the unfamiliar food and not wanting to offend anyone, but before long everyone was just asking, “What is this?” and jumping in. There are dishes I have eaten there that I am still trying to duplicate.

7. I enjoy making a dinner out of leftovers and things in the house. I may not be as good as these guys:

8. Per my son, I make the best brownies and hamburger pie.

9. I rock at American Idol on the Wii. I got 100% on My Heart Will Go On on EXPERT! I expect a call from Simon, Randy and Paula any day now.


Wow this is tough. In a desperate bid for attention and positive reinforcement (and leaving myself wide open for criticism) I am going to leave the last one open for now for discussion in the comments. Come on, you know you want to say something.

Ten On Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Ok. I'll bite. Great Mom. You are a super woman. Singer, Mom, College Proffessor, Engineer, Administrator, Spouse, Friend, Gardener, Cook, Blogger, drafter, boss and all around fantastic woman.

Heaps of Love,

Mr. Geek

Cheri and Jesse said...

You are the best person in the world to decorate cakes with because you are so good at mixing colors. (And Mr. Geek is so good at washing icky dishes.) You are definitely a great mother to your boys. An amazing cook. You are always there when someone needs you. You are a great listener. And I have to say, you are really funny, and not always in a geeky sort of way!! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I think you are HILARIOUS. So witty and funny and sarcastic and sometimes rude. But in a funny way! And I think you are VERY smarrt. I often quote you. No, seriously! You are the expert on food and nutrition and what to feed your kids. I've told lots of friends about you! Mostly I say, "My friend R says that..."
Oh, and I LOVE your blog so far! I've been laughing out loud.