Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get used to it: It's a geek world

I knew if I lived long enough, I would finally be cool. Read this very informative and ACCURATE article here .

It contains the difference between a nerd and a geek (you knew there was one right?)
"A geek possesses a certain passion for specialized knowledge but also a high degree of cultural awareness and poise that a nerd lacks."

And, " If Holden Caulfield was the sensitive loner from the age of nerd oppression then Harry Potter was the magical leader in the age of GEEK EMPOWERMENT."*
*emphasis totally mine

And here's another quote, "They've [geeks, of course] have created a new definition of what it means to be cool, a definition that leaves out the talents of the jocks and the MBA types."*
*No offense to the jocks and MBA types, but you've had your day.

People find my blog searching for geeks all the time. Okay the actual search is "disco era geek", "geek birthday cake" (?), "geeky laugh", "geek mother present" etc. and they don't stick around too long, but that is because they are overcome with the amount of coolness they find here.

Somebody needs to go find those girls that wouldn't me eat lunch with me in the school cafeteria in seventh grade and tell them ... hmmmm.. What would a cool kid say? Oh yeah, NOTHING, they don't even exist in my cool cool world.*

*Please let me have my delusions, they are all I've got.


Bina said...

I would MUCH rather hang with a geek. Just think of all I would learn!!!!!

Kalynne Pudner said...

Do you realize that this article's analysis renders your profile description redundant? cool = geek

But where else but here would I find such "supple sensibilities and well-modulated emotions"?

Heather said...

We always knew geeks were cool. Finally, the rest of the world is catching on.

Robin said...

Kalynne- At least something I own is supple, LOL.

So if geek=cool and I am the coolest of the geeks, does that make me Mega-cool? Or does the fact that I used the word megacool automatically make me a dork?

Melissa said...

Now you just need to convince Rob at The Nerdy Redneck...I've been telling him it's much cooler to be a geek than a nerd!! ;)