Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Herb Garden

It looks like we may have finally gotten the last frost this week. To celebrate the ending of winter (finally) and the beginning of May, I am going to start planting my herb garden.

This is what I plan to grow.

1. Oregano - This is a hardy perennial that I don't think I could kill if I tried. (My kind of plant!)

2. Sage - This also came back this year. It doesn't always and with all the snow this winter it was a nice surprise.

3. Basil - My favorite herb of all time. Trust me once you have eaten fresh basil you will crave it in your pasta sauce, on your pizza, in a salad. yum

4. Rosemary - My second favorite herb. In the summer I love to cook a whole chicken with rosemary on the grill. MMmmm, add some grilled new potatoes and asparagus, maybe corn on the cob and .... I just need a moment....

5. Thyme - Good in the baked chicken and soups.

6. Marjoram - We have GREAT pasta sauce all summer.

7. Thai Basil - All basil is not the same. I grew this for the first time last summer and enjoyed this in curry.

8. Cilantro - A controversial herb in the Geek house. I love it, Mr Geek hates it.

9. Chamomile - Not only does this make good tea, but it have pretty white flowers

10. Lavender - Sometime I grow plants just because I like to. I have never used lavender for anything, but I like having the option.

11. Parsley - Two reason - First I love fresh parsley, but even better Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars love parsley. Each year we try to capture one of these caterpillars and watch it turn into a butterfly right in out kitchen. (I'll take pictures.)

That leaves two opening for impulse buys at the store. I will fill them in when I decide.

Any suggestion?


Kathryn said...

Love the herbs, and thanks to you my cilantro is growing beautifully, thanks Robin! Do you make pesto with your basil? We have big clotches of it growing now as well. How about some garlic or elephant ear garlic? That's fun. I love thyme which I put in everthing and the rosemary grows huge like a hedge here. I have never experimented with the flavored basils like chocolate and lemon, wouldn't know what to do with them? How bout some dill? I have a FABULOUS italian bread I make with a seasoned butter that has dill in it. It's awesome. I will share it with you if you like.

Happy Spring!

kay said...

I love your herbs. Basil and rosemary are my favorites, too, with thyme right up there at the top, as well.

Come visit!

siteseer said...

Pictures. I want to see pictures when everything is up and beautiful. Great TT

Jenny said...

must be nice. we're still getting cold days (like today). :(

Maggie May said...

You are lucky to have room for a herb garden. They like a dry, sunny position. Basil & oregano are my favourites. Good with pasta dishes.

Robin said...

Kathryn- DILL! I knew I forgot an herb from last year. Unfortunately last year the rabbits ate it before I could use it. If I can get it to survive I would love your recipe.

They had cinamon basil (?) at the store I have NO idea what you would put that into.

Cheri and Jesse said...

Your post made me hungry. How about another Wii night this summer and we can BBQ that chicken you were talking about?
Check out my blog and read about the dumb thing your niece did today.


Heather said...

I like Kathryn's suggestion of dill. But, I've never grown an herb garden. Always wanted to but never have. That's on my list of things to do when the boys are in college.

Mean Mom said...

I have planted many herbs, in my garden, in the past, but, on the whole, they tend not to survive the waterlogged soil in the winter. Those I still have, I tend to grow for their lovely smells, or because I like the look of them. I adore my purple sage, which I have managed to keep for years. I allow mints to spread and pop up in surprising places. I love pineapple mint and eau de cologne mint. I love the look of feathery fennel and the smell of it, when I am weeding. Hoverflies adore it. I'd better stop, there.

Sorry for my stupid mistake, before. I was very careless and I'm so glad you have a sense of humour!!

Jules said...

As for moi........ I love basil. This year, because the snails and I wage and all out war to see who can eat the basil first, I'm trying to grow things in pots. And I saw a zillion types of tomato plants at the store..... that I bought and that I'm trying to grow in pots as well. The snails are going to be on the losing end of this battle!

Damama T said...

I have never been able to get the hang of cooking with fresh herbs. I never get the mix right! But I love having rosemary growing in the flowerbeds so that I can smell it when I'm weeding the flowerbeds. Maybe I'll try adding a few of the others and then get some advice on how to actually USE them. ;o)

OK - I'M ON THE THIRD, make that fourth, try at getting that stupid word verification to take! AACK!! I HATE THAT STUPID THING!